The Mistress Speaks: I’m the Product of an Affair

Stories of Mistresses

Stories of Mistresses: I’m a Product of an Affair

Here is the final installment of  our The Mistress Speaks series. The following is a story that was sent to me, unchanged, except for removing any identifying information. Enjoy!

I think neither one wins – being a side piece is never good and when it all balls down, the woman always thinks he will leave his man squeeze for her. They think they have the magic coochie – which is far from the truth. usually the other woman does everything the man doesn’t want his main chick to do. Yeah, the man chick my have his heart, but she doesn’t have his respect. I’m product of my mother being the other woman.

After my father got finish doing what he wanted with my mother, he left and never came back. My mother was left looking stupid and raising me on her own. I asked her, what did you think, by having me he would stay? She never answer, but I believe she thought she had something special and he would leave his wife and two kids for her. NOT!!

I disagree with my mother all the time, her favorite comment is a man will have many girlfriends but will only take one wife. I think that is so crazy and woman that believe that, doesn’t believe they are worthy of being the only one – they feel they have to lower their standards to have a man. I think NOT! I rather be alone and happy then be with someone who strays every now and then – turns around and buy expensive things for me to keep me happy.

Tiny is only dealing with TI because has money and she has nothing. What really bothers me the most is that she has not self-respect for herself that she will allow this man to go into her raw and have his kids, no dag on well, he is sleeping around. Condom or NOT, AIDS IS REAL!!What are you teaching your daughter and your sons. No one wins, the only one that wins, if the one that will not tolerate men cheating on them constantly and thinks it’s okay.

The Mistress Speaks: When the Man Catches Feelings

stories of mistresses

Stories of Mistresses: When the Man Catches Feelings

Here is the seventh installment of  our The Mistress Speaks series. The following is a story that was sent to me, unchanged, except for removing any identifying information. Enjoy!

I’ve been the other woman, and when it all balls down, you lose who you truly are. Being the other woman only shows you how much you truly love yourself. I was tired of cheating men and giving my all and getting nothing in return. I just wanted to do me for once and play on my terms.

I went it knowing he had a girl on the side. She wasn’t his wife, so I basically didn’t care. We started out talking as friends, sharing advice, but there was always an attraction between us. It took us 11 months before we became sexual. What I wanted was discussed up front, and what he could give me or provide was discussed. We both were in agreement with the situation.

I basically had the same benefits his main girl. I had the dinner dates, out of town trips, getting bills paid, hanging out with his friend and mines, spending time at my place or his place. Holidays were okay too, I got gifts, sometimes the same thing he brought her. I guess it was easy thinking for him. I was fine with this situation for over year and half because it provided me a stress-free relationship. It was an easy-go-lucky relationship, no stress, no pressure and no foolishness.

This type of relationship isn’t for the weak or other motives; thinking he is going to leave his girl for you, usually it rarely happens. If he leaves his girl for you, eventually he will leave you for someone else. So be prepared.

The problem comes when one talks too much or become too emotionally involved. In my case, the dude became too emotionally involved. Calling too much, wanting to know my every move, wanting more and saying I love you. I cared for dude, but honestly, he wasn’t what I wanted. Not someone to settle down with, why because Karma is bitch! I kept my end of the bargain up, I did what I set out to do, deal with a dude on my terms and treat them like they treated us for change. I kept my feelings intact and I made sure I didn’t read into every word he said, dude will say anything while he is in you and the sex is good. When dude started acting like the girl, fussing, questioning and dropping by unannounced, I knew things had gone too far.

Even though I liked dude, cared for him, I had no strong feelings for him, wanting more. More and more I thought about it, I realize, because of my past experience I became the other woman to prove a point to myself. I became someone I didn’t like or ever wanted to be.

So actually no one wins in the end.


The Mistress Speaks: I’m Young and He’s Rich

stories of mistresses

Stories of Mistresses: I’m Young and He’s Rich

This is the sixth installment of our series The Mistress Speaks. The following is a story that was sent to me, unchanged, except for removing any identifying information. Enjoy!

I’m young.  Just turned 22 last month.  I’ve had two major relationships, both with men who took care of me (one was a ball player, one was in the music industry).  I simply can’t see myself being with someone who can’t satisfy me in EVERY way possible.  I know it sounds childish, foolish, silly, selfish and every other negative thing.  However, I’ve come to terms with that’s how I am.  I’ve been raised with money so it’s difficult to accept anything less.

Now, let me get to the point.  I’ve known my current man since I was like 11, he was around 23.  No, there was most definitely not any R. Kelly-ish going on…he was just my first innocent crush.  We fell out of touch for a few years and linked back up when I was 21.  The chemistry was automatic between us.  He is very wealthy and not married, but living with his girlfriend and their son.  They’ve had relationship problems in the past, and I know that’s no excuse but I care about him.  Normally, I would be on the other side of the spectrum of this whole debate, but linking back up with him has taught me a lot.

In my case, I’m dealing with someone else’ man simply because I care about him too.  Is it because he was my first crush?  Is it because he’s a provider?  Is it because he’s gorgeous?  Who knows?!  All I know is, I’ve cared about him more than the two aforementioned.

It is what it is




The Mistress Speaks: When Being a Jumpoff Isn’t Enough

Stories of Mistresses

Stories of Mistresses: When Being a Jumpoff Isn’t Enough

This is the fifth installment of our series The Mistress Speaks. The following is a story that was sent to me, unchanged, except for removing any identifying information. Enjoy!

I Hate being a jumpoff. I did it once for a year for a man that i loved so much. We were together in high school and a couple years in college. We broke up b/c of distance issues. However, we reconnected about 3 years later, and the sparks were still there. But in those 3 years he met another woman, got married, and had a child. So we snuck around for an entire year without ever getting caught.

He would tell me he loved me, and wished he could be with me instead. We would take weekend trips out of town 2x a month, shacking up in hotels and ordering room service. He bought me gifts and the sex was mind-blowing… He made me feel so good. but every time he left to be with his family i would be crushed. The last straw was when i got pregnant by him.

He wanted me to have the baby, but he wasnt gonna leave his wife. Or even tell her for that matter. It was then that I realized that the way i felt when ever he was with his other family was the same way our child would feel. And I couldnt do that to my innocent child. So i made the difficult decision to terminate the pregnancy and terminate our relationship as well. I guess if the female has no feelings for the man shes sneaking around with, then being a jumpoff and getting no strings attatched sex would be great?? I dont know, because ive never been able to do it.

The Mistress Speaks: He Wanted His Cake and to Eat it too

stories of mistresses

Stories of Mistresses: He Wanted His Cake and to Eat it too

This is the fourth installment of our series The Mistress Speaks. The following is a story that was sent to me, unchanged, except for removing any identifying information. Enjoy!

So I read ur blog…really love it….wanted 2 tell my side. I was talking to a him for 4 yrs…I didn’t want anything from him other than time, a good screw and some bill money every once in a while. We started as friends back in college…after we graduated I moved to NY he stayed in Atlanta…we met up 5 years ago due to his mom passing with all the emotion we ended up having sex….its been on going until about one and a half yrs ago when I found out he got a girl pregnant….so he tells me she was a one night stand blah blah come to find out she is his wife! Of 6 yrs!!!!!! And this is his second child!

We didn’t talk for two months after I damn near killed him. But I found out I was pregnant told him, but later I lost my child and he was there with me every step of the way but then I began to feel guilty so I tried to push him away so he wouldn’t want to be bothered….which turned him on even more…..I ran into his wife about a 6mo ago…she knew who I was he had pictures of me in his office….I didn’t know that…..she explained she’s not mad but wants to know what I have that she doesn’t, I explained that’s between her and him I am not sure. I did apologize to her because even after I found out she was his wife I still talked to him….I told her our history together from college and I was honest to her.

We both confronted him fourth of July ….he invited me to his family cook out… I invited her!…….he told his wife he loved me from way back in school but couldn’t control me like he did her, she was good mother and wife material but I had the fire the ambition and the lust that she lacked….I would do things she wouldn’t and I would never hide my feelings……he explained how he wanted kids with me be knew I didn’t want any so he got everything he wanted but from two women..

He would throw me in her face if she did not want to have sex, little did she know I wasn’t having sex with him after I lost our child….I explained all of that to her I explained my position…I didn’t want anything but company I saw him as a friend with benefits basically nothing more no feelings no nothing…..long story short….he is divorcing….loosing his house…..and I haven’t spoke to him since….

Greed can kill you….and I think he learned from his mistake.

The Mistress Speaks: When the Main Woman Becomes the Other Woman

Stories of Mistresses
This is the third installment of our series The Mistress Speaks. The following is a story that was sent to me, unchanged, except for removing any identifying information. Enjoy!

Stories of Mistresses: When the Main Woman Becomes the Other Woman

I met him through the personal ads. We dated over a year and a half before we got married. Our wedding was a simple civil deal with my Mother and sister present. I thought we were happy until 2004. My world officially came to an end. He was sneaking around with a chick he found on the Internet. He asked for a separation and I obliged. Got my stuff and left without a fight. I knew of her before when I found an elusive email on the computer. Not to mention his personal on-line dating profile that profess that he was single. He broke my heart but I did a little snooping before I officially left. I found out that he had a receipt for a house that had her name on it. I memorized the address and kept on stepping.

He said that he needed to think, we could still date, and that she was just a friend. I called the 411 to get the number to the house when his mother let it be known that she meet the “new girl”. I confronted him about it and he had nothing to say. After months of silence, he came back to me in October 2004 professing that he messed up and that he wanted to work on our marriage. After three years of lying to myself that he was changing, I found out that he was still dealing with the other chick. We divorced last July 2007. He remarried in October 2007,and I was devastated.

The first of the year, I started getting phone calls from him to check on how I was doing. We still had some loose strings that we had to clear up. He kept saying that he missed me, wanted to see, and to touch me. I held out for as long as I could. I didn’t have any prospects because I still was in love with him and was trying to heal. I finally agreed to see him, and it has been on ever since. He doesn’t acknowledge that he is married. His wife ( my nemesis) caught a text that I sent about “rocking his mic”. I lied to her saying that it was just a joke and he probably diffuse that shit. Why do I mess around with him? Cause I can, I still have feelings for him, and to get back at chick who thinks she is above me. My eyes have been open to his ways. He is her problem, not mine!




The Mistress Speaks: No Time for Single Men

Stories of Mistresses
This is the second installment of our series The Mistress Speaks. The following is a story that was sent to me, unchanged, except for removing any identifying information. Enjoy!

Stories of Mistresses: No Time for Single Men

Any woman who has an affair with a married man with the intent of marrying him herself is a total ass, and deluded.

I have had several affairs with married men. Why? Because I wanted physical and intellectual interaction with no commitment, no expectations, and no responsibilities. I had a good job, income, social life and I did NOT want a man messing up my life. The only thing I took from these men was some time – nothing else. Indeed, if we did go out to dinner I usually paid – not that they couldn’t afford to but their money was for their family.

I never wanted to marry and dating single men brought complications I wanted no part of. Besides these married men were friends before they were lovers, it was comfortable, convenient, satisfying on every level and best of all, hassle and commitment free.

The Mistress Speaks: Always the Adulteress Never the Wife

stories of mistresses

So, remember a few months back when I made a request for women to tell their stories of being mistresses, jump offs and other women? Well, after a computer meltdown and a site redesign I can finally get the series up and going. The following is a story that was sent to me, unchanged, except for removing any identifying information. Enjoy!

Stories of Mistresses: Always the Adulteress, Never the Wife

I work overseas and have done so for the last 5 years. For 3 years I lived (cohabitated) with a married man. He told me I was the love of his life. We met at a camp (contractors overseas in Iraq) and ideally it was me that went after him. I wanted a no frills, friends with benefits type of thing. He chose differently. Before I knew it, he moved in my room with me.

During those 3 years, we took 2 vacations together but most of the time we went back to our families when we had time. He told me, and I believe him that he was completely himself with me. That he didn’t have to hide himself from his wife. What was he hiding? He had a temper from hell, and instead of being afraid of him I chose to stand in front of him and argue with him.

He was loud, but he wasn’t abusive. There’s more… but its a long drawn out story. The main thing is I know what I did with him was wrong. But it didn’t stop me. He wasn’t the first, he hasn’t been the last.

I’m still unmarried.

Right now, I’m conflicted with choosing to spend a vacation with my married lover who has a sick wife and no children…he wants kids but she can’t have them… or spending it with my boyfriend that is single and desires no more kids.

My married lover, due our jobs being apart on different camps I don’t see him like I used to. I would’ve never hooked up with my current boyfriend if married lover was still around. Both men have told me they love me. I don’t doubt the love. The worst part thinking about how wrong I am of thinking about having a kid with married lover (he’s 47… his wfie is 58, I’m 34) is the fact that I think he’ll leave his wife for me. I’m kind of glad he’s away from me.

With the boyfriend, he says I talk in my sleep and he asked me about a name I called in my sleep. It was my married lover’s name. He asked me if he was the love of my life. I can’t say he is… the older I get, I wonder did I ever really have a great love that loved me back and I loved him where I think about him constantly? I can’t say I do.

The age I am now, I don’t know if I’ll ever be married or have another child (I had my son who’s 11 out of wedlock…) despite the desires I feel or the wishes I make. I feel jaded in thinking that my path is to be alone. I’m ok with that most of the time.

I never wished to mess with married men. Why do I do it? I think its the fact to me, less risk of rejection? They’re already someone else’s man that I don’t have to take the whole package.

I do know it’s not a win/win situation. It is what it is… adultry, sex outside of marriage and I live in sin continuously.

Why Women Choose to be The Other Woman

the other woman

Is Being The Other Woman Worth It?

So in the last post, “Why the Jumpoff has It Better Than Wifey,” the comment section exploding with folk giving the definition of a jumpoff vs. a mistress vs. a ho. And all I could think to myself was: Whatever you want to call it…you’re still The Other Woman.

You’re second best.

You’re getting the “sloppy seconds.”

And it also made me wonder why women so willingly participate in a system designed to solely benefit the men. Let’s face it, in the last post the one person that generally comes out the “winner” is the man who is having his cake and eating it too.

Notice how there is no male equivalent to descriptions such as “ho,” “jumpoff,” and “mistress.” There are no “Misters,” running abut, now are there. And that’s simply because in the patriarchal society in which we live, sex is a winning game for me and a losing one for women.

But I digress.

I’m a little curious on why women decide to be The Other Woman. I’m not naive. In a situation where a man was paying off my student loans, buying me a house and car in my name and putting a five-figure amount of cash in my account each month – I might be willing to get my cluck-cluck on. Who am I kidding, I would get my cluck-cluck on.

But that’s not the case for most women. Most chicks are the side-piece to regular dudes. They may (and I stress may) get lunch or dinner before they get their back blown out at some sleazy motel…or creeping at the house before the spouse comes home. They’re not exactly sipping Dom Perignon and staying at the Four Seasons.

So, I’m calling all mistresses to tell your story. Why are you the side-piece? What are you getting out of it? And do you not feel guilty for potentially breaking up a family? Send me your responses via e-mail ( They can be up to 500 words. And I will post your stories, anonymously of course.