Why Women Choose to be The Other Woman

the other woman

Is Being The Other Woman Worth It?

So in the last post, “Why the Jumpoff has It Better Than Wifey,” the comment section exploding with folk giving the definition of a jumpoff vs. a mistress vs. a ho. And all I could think to myself was: Whatever you want to call it…you’re still The Other Woman.

You’re second best.

You’re getting the “sloppy seconds.”

And it also made me wonder why women so willingly participate in a system designed to solely benefit the men. Let’s face it, in the last post the one person that generally comes out the “winner” is the man who is having his cake and eating it too.

Notice how there is no male equivalent to descriptions such as “ho,” “jumpoff,” and “mistress.” There are no “Misters,” running abut, now are there. And that’s simply because in the patriarchal society in which we live, sex is a winning game for me and a losing one for women.

But I digress.

I’m a little curious on why women decide to be The Other Woman. I’m not naive. In a situation where a man was paying off my student loans, buying me a house and car in my name and putting a five-figure amount of cash in my account each month – I might be willing to get my cluck-cluck on. Who am I kidding, I would get my cluck-cluck on.

But that’s not the case for most women. Most chicks are the side-piece to regular dudes. They may (and I stress may) get lunch or dinner before they get their back blown out at some sleazy motel…or creeping at the house before the spouse comes home. They’re not exactly sipping Dom Perignon and staying at the Four Seasons.

So, I’m calling all mistresses to tell your story. Why are you the side-piece? What are you getting out of it? And do you not feel guilty for potentially breaking up a family? Send me your responses via e-mail (tsjohnson5@gmail.com). They can be up to 500 words. And I will post your stories, anonymously of course.

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