Fashion Collections: Rag and Bone Pre-Fall 2014

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Rag and Bone Pre-Fall 2014

Rag and Bone kept it very simple with their pre-fall 2014 collection. Not only are the designs very minimalist, but the color scheme consists of black, grey and white. The looks were inspired 90′s British street style, full of its active wear and effortless cool.

Clearly these designs aren’t anything you’d wear to the gym, but they do give you that easy, breezy, I’m cooler than you without even trying look. What do you think of Rag and Bone’s pre-fall collection? Can you see yourself rocking these looks next year?

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rag and bone 03

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Rag and Bone 01

rag and bone 07

rag and bone 06

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Style Wars: Jennifer Hudson vs. Kim Kardashian in Donna Karan’s Gold Foldover Stretch Pencil Skirt

Welcome to another edition of Style Wars, where celebrities go head to head to determine who wore it better. For this round of Style Wars Jennifer Hudson goes up against Kim Kardashian in Donna Karan. Who delivered the knockout blow?

jennifer-hudson-donna-karan-foldover-metallic-skirt-christian-louboutin-diptic-booties   Kim-Kardashians-Donna-Karan-Fold-Over-Metallic-Stretch-Pencil-Skirt

Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Hudson recently rocked the same Gold Foldover Stretch Pencil Skirt by Donna Karan. Kim Kardashian paired her skirt with a green camisole and Tom Ford sandals, while Hudson wore a short sleeve black top and Christian Louboutin booties.

There was a time when the idea of Jennifer Hudson and Kim Kardashian wearing the same thing would have been laughable. however, times have changed and Hudson looks great in her new body, curves still intact. So who won this battle of the Donna Karan skirt?

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Get the Look: Nicki Minaj Looked Super Cute at Launch Event for Her Kmart Collection

Nicki Minaj Instagrammed a photo of her entire look at a recent launch event for her Kmart Collection line of clothing and accessories. I must say, even with the platinum blonde her she still manages to look really cute.


She wore a pink mini dress, with a black and gold belt, a bolero jacket from her Kmart line with a pair of Alexander McQueen Studded Leather Lace Up Booties and a pair of Chanel No. 5 signature hoop earrings. Here’s how you can replicate Nicki Miniaj’s Kmart Collection launch look:

Get the Look: Alice + Olivia Adrienne Fitted Dress

alex olvia adrienne fitted dress

While not exactly the one Nicki was wearing this Alice + Olivia dress still features the bright pink color and fitted silhouette of Minaj’s launch look. The dress costs $194 at

Get the Look: B-Low The Belt

b low the belt

This black and gold belt from has a hidden buckle that gives this leather belt a smooth line, and a high-gloss bands adds a futuristic touch. Adjustable length. Cost $196.

Get the Look: Nicki Minaj Studded Women’s Bolero Jacket

nicki minaj kmart collection bolero jacket

This women’s bolero jacket from Nicki Minaj’s Kmart collection is flattering on any figure and pulls together any look. With a single button closure at the natural waist, this blazer draws the eye in, while a mock lapel and stud details complete the trendy piece. Cost $36.99.

Get the Look: Alexander McQueen Studded Leather Lace Up Booties


Alexander McQueen Studded Leather Lace Up Booties

These studded booties by Alexander McQueen acts as jewelry for your feet. They have a 4 1/2″ covered heel. A small hidden platform lowers with pitch, leather lining and a peep toe. Cost $1485 at Bergdorf Goodman.

Get the Look: Nicole Scherzinger’s Band of Outsiders Black Collar and Button Jumpsuit

Nicole Scherzinger looked every bit the diva as she was taking a break from her X-Factor duties in London the other day.  She was rocking a Band of Outsiders Black Collar and Button Jumpsuit, with black and white heels, a leopard print bag and nice red lips. I think she looks fierce! If you’re looking to recreate the look, keep reading.

Get the Look – Band of Outsiders Black Collar and Button Jumpsuit

band of outsiders jumpsuit

This Band of Outsiders Black Collar and Button Jumpsuit features sleek notched lapels, double breasted placket, and pleats at the waist.

Cost: $995
Discount Code: None

Get the Look – Gianvito Rossi Two-Toned Leather and Suede Pumps

Gianvito Rossi Two-Toned Leather and Suede PumpsGianvito Rossi’s comfortable two-tone pumps are exquisitely crafted from black suede and white leather, and has a 4in heel.

Cost: $705
Shop: Net-A-Porter
Discount Code: None

Get the Look – Elizabeth and James Leopard-Print Calf Hair Satchel Bag

Elizabeth and James Leopard-Print Calf Hair Satchel Bag

This leopard-print satchel from Elizabeth and James is great for spicing up any outfit.

Cost: $625
Shop: Bergdorf Goodman
Discount Code: None


Rihanna’s River Island Collection is Proof Positive Why Some Celebrities Should Stick to Their Day Jobs

So Rihanna was looking to add another hyphen to her already mutli-hyphened self. Pop-Star – Actress – Quasi-Model and Resident Bad Girl weren’t enough, she thought designer would be a nice fit as well.

And why not?

Celebrities have been killing it with fashion lines ever since Russel Simmons thought putting the words Phat and Farm together on some t-shirts would be a cool idea. However there’s always that celebrity whose foray into another artistic endeavor is a seriously bad idea. Unfortunately for Rihanna, her collaboration with River Island falls into the latter category.

rihanna-river-island-10    rihanna-river-island-11

I get the appeal of a clothing line for both Rihanna and River Island. Rihanna is like a real live dress up doll. Ever since her stint as the best dressed non-model at Paris’ Fashion Week in 2009, she’s solidified her place as a celebrity fashionista. You look to see what Rihanna is going to wear next, just as much (if not more so) than what her next single is going to be.

Add her fashionista cred to her  status as a bona-fide, world famous pop-star, coupled with River Island’s place as a chic and edgy retailer for today’s modern young woman, and it’s easy to see why both parties saw this as a venture made in cash cow heaven.

rihanna-river-island-13    rihanna-river-island-12

The problem is Rihanna’s style is uniquely Rihanna and doesn’t translate well to the masses. The masses who likely can’t pull off the fierce, modern, sexy, tomboy, borderline-expensive escort chic manages to pull off so effortlessly. Instead River island has delivered trashy, skanky, tomboy, cheap porn star style for the masses to consume in their attempt to dress a little like Rihanna

Not a good look at all.

Outside of the totally trashy look and cheap quality of the clothes – the other big question is where is anyone going to wear any of these pieces. Riahnna is a pop-star. Her job is to make forgettable music, and show up and be photographed at any number of events to promote said forgettable music.

So if Rihanna has three-quarters of her boobs out or has some cheek action happening in a pair of too short shorts, no problem. More Skin = More Pictures = More Pageviews = More Sales or at least More Exposure which will then leads to More Sales. Everyone wins. But regualr everyday, average chick can’t run around too many places with that amount of skin exposure, unless of course her day job is one where More Skin = More Sales…and we’re not talking of the music variety.

rihanna-river-island-14    rihanna-river-island-15

The other pieces that offer more skin coverage are just so unflattering and ugly in their attempt to combine that sexy tomboy essence I can’t see anyone wanting to wear them for any reason other than Rhianna’s name is attached to them. And that’s the funny part about all of this – even though this has got to be one of the worst celebrity fashion lines released in the last ten years it is still likely to be widely successful. Hell some pieces from the line are already sold out on the website.

In the end, Rihanna is still Rihanna. She is a global phenom even if her music is about as memorable and interesting as a plain bowl of cold oatmeal. She’s managed to make millions convincing people to shell out their hard earned dollars for her forgettable records and cringe-worthy concerts, there’s no reason why she can’t convince them to shell out those same dollars for cheaply made and equally cringe worthy clothing.

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Collections: Rauwolf Fall 2013 Clutches


Rauwolf isn’t exactly a household name, but if you didn’t know the label before seeing their new Fall 2013 line of clutches, you won’t forget them after viewing these wearable pieces of art. These aren’t clutches for those who want a nice bag to go with their outfit for a night on the town. These clutches are statement pieces meant to be the focal point of the outfit, not some forgettable accessory.rauwolf-fall-2013-amethyst-venice-clutch


To me each clutch resembles a perfume bottle. With their vibrant colors, geometric designs and reflective surfaces, I expect to pick each one and give it a scent to see what glorious smell is encased in each bag. Designer Kristine Johannes’s really let her imagination run free when designing these clutches. The craftsmanship is impeccable and the intricacies of the design definitely give you something to talk about.


Rauwolf’s 2013 line of clutches are best paired with elegant, simple looks. The clutches are statement enough. Paired with a busy or intricate outfit one would come off looking busy, over styled and possibly a little silly. You don’t add these clutches to a look, you build the look around the clutches. You can order these beauties now from Moda Opernadi and see what else the label has to offer at their website

What say you Curvy Ladies? How do you feel about Rauwolf Fall 2013 Clutch line?

rauwolf-fall-2013-sapphire-classic-faceted-clutch rauwolf-fall-2013-gold-constantinople-clutch rauwolf-fall-2013-amethyst-mirrored-orbit-clutchrauwolf-fall-2013-van-eyck-green-clutchrauwolf-fall-2013-gold-degrade-sputnik-clutch rauwolf-fall-2013-blood-shalimar-clutchrauwolf-fall-2013-gold-emerald-cut-gemstone-clutch

Style Wars: Rihanna vs. Kim Kardashian in Long Sleeve, Navy Blue, Givenchy Dress

Kim Kardashian wore the same $1,057 Navy Blue Givenchy Long Sleeve Dress to to the opening of her Dash LA store that Rihanna wore to her grandmother’s New York funeral. Both ladies paired the dress with different shoes. Kim Kardashian with $1,295 Christian Louboutin Lipsinka Pin-Heeled Python Pumps and Rihanna with $695 Miu Miu gold metallic sandals.

Who won the battle? Rihanna or Kim Kardashian?

Givenchy Navy Blue Long SLeeve Dress


On the Scene: Frieda Pinto Has Her Own Fashion Show as She Promotes New Film ‘Trishina’

Yesterday was a busy day for Freida Pinto. The Indian actress had a day filled with promotions for her new movie ‘Trishina’ and she took her duties seriously as she had no less than four outfit changes throughout the day. Now that’s what I call dedication.


Freida Pinto started off the day with an interview on NBC’s “Today” show wearing a yellow Rachel Roy dress from her Resort 2013 Collection.

Rachel Roy Resort 2013

She coupled the look with a pair of Roger Vivier smoking suede patent ballet flats, a beautiful multi-coloured Roger Vivier ‘Micro Metro’ cross-body chain-accented bag and grey Tory Burch rounded cat-eye sunglasses.



As she left NBC studios she switched her look to a Mara Hoffman faux wrap dress, still paired with the same suede ballet fats and Tory Burch sunglasses.


Pinto considered her promotional tour for her movie ‘Trishina” with an appearance on Access Hollywood Live in New York City rocking a Tory Burch dress from her Resort 2013 collection.

Tory Burch Resort 2013

Her final look of the day consisted of a Missoni dress she wore on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon with a pair of Lanvin T-Strap Pointed-Toe pumps before she attended a screening of ‘Trishina’ at Big Cinemas in New York City.


So what did you think of Frieda Pinto’s wardrobe changes? Were they all hits or were their some misses? What about her shoe game and choice of sunglasses? Sound off Curvy Beauties and let us know what you think.

Britney Spears Rocks Giuseppe Zanotti Metallic Peep-Toe Pumps at X-Factor Audition

Britney Spears still can’t seem to get the fashion thing down, that dress is definitely not the most figure flattering, however one can rarely go wrong with a pair of Giuseppe Zanotti pumps.

Britney-Spears-Giuseppe-Zanotti X Factor

Giuseppe Zanotti Metallic Peep-Toe Platform Pump

Britney Spears is rocking a pair of Giuseppe Zanotti Metallic Peep-Toe Pumps and is about the only thing working with her outfit. These beauties are 5.75 inches high, have a metallic leather (Britney’s are ruby red)and a snipped peep-toe that displays the double platform. Made in Italy they are $486 from Bergdorf Goodman.