Kim Karadashian Flashes Nipples, Rocks Blond Hair at Lanvin Show During Paris Fashion Week

kim kardashian and kanye west

Kim Kardashian attended the Lanvin fashion show Thursday in a mesh dress but appeared to have forgotten an important fashion accessory — her bra.

The “Keeping up with the Kardashians” star, who stepped out Wednesday with platinum blond locks, bared it all while attached to the arm of her husband, Kanye West.

She did wear a long black cape with cut-out sleeve detail in an attempt to cover her nipples in the completely see-through pale pink dress.

The reality star and her husband took a seat in the front during the fashion show right beside the famous Kardashian momager, Kris Jenner.

Kardashian made headlines Wednesday when she revealed her new, drastically different hair style in an Instagram photo. Her caption read: “I went platinum!!”

Kim Kardashian Nip Slip

Kim Kardashian Nip Slip

Retailer Spotlight: Custom Jewelry Company Teece Torre

Teece Torre Jewelry[suffusion-widgets id=’1′]

Retailer Spotlight is our series featuring clothing and accessory brands that may not be household names, but are exciting, fashion forward and chic and perfect for the curvy ladies this magazine caters to. This week we had the chance to sit down with Patricia Caruso of Teece Torre, home of beautiful custom made jewelry.

Tell us about your company. How it got started and the jewelry you make.

Teece Torre Jewelry got started as a birthday present for a good friend. In between directing commercials, I had some free time. I wanted to give my close friend something special. I always had an idea for a huge multi-strand bracelet of gemstones, but could never find the exact one I was craving: a multi-strand gemstone bracelet that fit like a cuff. So, I figured out how to make one by trial and error. I used coral beads from an antique necklace I had and made one for her. When she opened the present, there was silence in the room and everyone started asking me about the bracelet. I left the party with two orders for gemstone bracelets, one amethyst and one garnet.

What makes Teece Torre jewelry special compared to other custom jewelry lines?

Teece Torre jewelry is absolutely custom made. Each piece is one-of-a-kind in gemstone placement and the randomness of beads. The customer can make requests for any changes and collaborate with me on their very special piece. I make pieces from photographs or a simple idea a client may have. My pieces are reasonably priced so everyone can wear real gemstones.

Teece Torre Jewelry

Describe the woman who would wear Teece Torre jewelry.

The woman who wears Teece Torre Jewelry loves real gemstones and the updated classics. She knows her own style and what looks good. She has excellent taste and will spend her hard earned money on a few wardrobe pieces that become her staples and “go to” pieces that she can accessorize. She isn’t into fads and instead builds a wardrobe based on what she can wear now and years from now.

What’s next for Teece Torre Jewelry? Any new jewelry lines on the horizon?

I am always creating new pieces every week. I’m always looking for new gemstones and gem combinations. Next for me will be custom clasps and a line of bracelets for teens. Right now, I’m just enjoying creating beautiful pieces for those who appreciate them.
Shop Teece Torre Jewelry:
Follow Teece Torre on Twitter: @TeeceTorre

Retailer Spotlight: Los Angeles Based Luxury Brand L’Cheriyve

L’Cherie Black Trench[suffusion-widgets id=’1′]

Retailer Spotlight is our series featuring clothing and accessory brands that may not be household names, but are exciting, fashion forward and chic and perfect for the curvy ladies this magazine caters to. This week we had the chance to sit down with Brandon Gerson of L’Cheriyve, an amazing company that makes Trenchcapades, the sexiest trench coats you will ever see.

Tell us about your company. How it got started and the lines your produce.

L’Cheriyve was founded in March of 2012 receiving our Trademark for Trenchcapades in September 2012. We were created by women for women and invites you to experience what it is like to truly be adored.

A Los Angeles luxury lifestyle brand, L’Cheriyve, inspires women to embrace their inner femininity and to be adored by those around them. L’Cheriyve is pioneering a new apparel category with their trademarked Trenchcapades™, an exclusive line of season-less couture trench coats; their unique twist on boudoir photography; and their intimate line of playful belongings.

The Trenchcapade is our signature product featuring an eleven-piece collection. It is our sexy, yet sophisticated rendition of an iconic trench coat, designed for women who want to be adored. Each of the 11 Trenchcapades are available world wide exclusively via L’Cheriyve’s immersive online shopping, personal fittings at our Los Angeles Studio, and private events and showings.

Hand crafted in Los Angeles, the Trenchcapade™ is a couture accessory, only available in limited quantities, that brings together sumptuous fabrics and exquisite details that accentuate the female figure. The Trenchcapade inspires an adventure waiting to happen.

With so many outerwear lines available to consumers what makes L’Cheriyve special?

Luxury brands have lost their exclusivity and have diluted their product lines to become available to the masses. L’Cheriyve provides its clients with more than just another product or service, and they get to have a unique experience that brings a distinct joy to their lives. L’Cheriyve produces a limited number of Trenchcapades solely in couture fabrics & leather skins, which can only be purchased online through

The beauty of the Trenchcapade is that it is not available at any of your typical retail stores and won’t be seen on every corner. Our elegant boudoir photography is shot in a French inspired studio specifically created to ensure a creative, safe, luxurious space to capture the most gorgeous photos in unique, eye catching backgrounds. We hand selected only the finest “Playful Belongings” to encourage adventurous, intimate fun.

L’Cheriyve Trench Coats

Describe the woman who would wear a L’Cheriyve coat.

The L’Cheriyve Woman craves experiences that are luxurious and exciting. She seeks exclusivity and uniqueness, the essence of playful and fun sensuality. A woman who is feminine, she possesses a passionate spirit and more than anything she desires to simply be adored.

Where can one find your coats? Do you have your own boutique?

Our Trenchcapades are available on our website or in our Los Angles show room. Currently we are participating in the Bryant Park Holiday Shops in New York City and we will be there until January 5th. Our coats are not available in retail.

What’s next for L’Cheriyve? Any new lines on the horizon?

All of our Trenchcapades are made in limited quantities. Once we use up the specific fabric we retire that product. Therefore our Trenches will always be xclusive as they are made in limited runs. No more than 40 of any one trench is ever made.

We are considering again participating in New York Fashion Week, as we received such rave reviews and exposure in September of 2013. At that point we would début our next collection. We are also rolling out a line of bracelet handcuffs.

L’Cheriyve Bracelet Hand Cuffs are hand crafted in Los Angeles. They are offered in:

  • Sterling Silver, gunmetal dipped, 14K gold dipped.
  • With Pave Cubic Zirconas in Sterling Silver, Gun Metal Dipped, and 14K Gold Dipped
  • Both the Pave and Plain can be offered in solid gold with diamonds upon request.

Shop their website:
You can follow L’Cheriyve on Twitter: @LCheriyve

Blogging With Syle: Meet Allison Hamilton-Rohe of

Allison[suffusion-widgets id=’1′]

Meet Allison Hamilton-Rohe of

Blogging With Style is our weekly showcase of personal style and beauty bloggers. There are a lot of great voices and blogs out there written by fashionistas and beauty experts from around the globe. This is our way of showing them some love and introducing our readers to some great new beauty and fashion bloggers. This week we feature Allison Hamilton-Rohe of

How did you get started blogging?

I wrote a personal style book and realized it would be much better as a blog — after all, fashion is cyclical, so any example I published would eventually be out-of-date!

What can readers expect from your blog?

I want to help readers discover their own personal style. It’s not just a matter of what colors look great on you — although that is key information to have — it is about expressing your inner beauty so the world can access it and know who you truly are.

Alison dailyoutfit 01

Define your sense of style.

Right now, I am rocking three looks — one is modern, fun and yet compassionate for DailyOutfit and the other is rock-inflected, comfortable and elegant casual for my Mommy life, my Date Night look mixes up the two for a cool, fun and sexy wife look.

What is the one item of clothing every woman should have in her closet?

Honestly, I don’t actually believe in “must-have” items. I believe every woman is different and has different needs and her closet should reflect what works for her particular body, being and lifestyle.

Give us your top 3 fashion tips?

  1. Make it You. Your look is your key to every personal exchange. Harness its power!
  2. Make it Inspired. Every item in your wardrobe can be a piece that you love. If not, replaced it as soon as possible with something that inspires you.
  3. Make it Easy. Your personal style is your signature. Once you set it, you can forget it! Live the life you were meant to lead.

Checkout Allison’s Website:
Follow Allison on Twitter: @DailyOutfit

Blogging With Style: Meet Marie Young of Good Look-N-Out

marie young

Blogging With Style is our weekly showcase of personal style and beauty bloggers. There are a lot of great voices and blogs out there written by fashionistas and beauty experts from around the globe.This is our way of showing them some love and introducing our readers to some great new beauty and fashion bloggers. This week we feature Marie Young of Good Look-N-Out.

How did you get started blogging?

When I became a displaced worker back in 2011. I was actually reading someone else’s blog in between my daily job search and said to myself “I want to do this!” and I did it! I’ve been hooked ever since…

What can readers expect from your blog?

After someone reads my blog I want them to pause, look up and think to themselves “THIS CHICK IS MAD COOL!” I love that my blog reads like I’m talking to a close friend. My goal is to be helpful and sincerity is what I pride myself on. Readers can expect to feel like whatever post their reading to read like they’re talking to a close friend, giving them the REAL. I discuss fashion, food, health, beauty, and wellness. Covering topics that are most important to the everyday woman, which is pretty much EVERYTHING!

simona marie youn 03

Walk us through your personal beauty regime.

I have to admit, I’m a low maintenance type of chick. I don’t subscribe all the latest and greatest in the beauty world, so you won’t find me find me fighting over the last Ri-Ri Woo lipstick in mac with someone. Chances are I could find an even better shade at CVS for half the cost. Don’t get me wrong, I try new things and seek out whats out there in the beauty world, but as in the words of Kanye West, I can do without “all the jazz” and I don’t just get things because of the brand or who represents it. I buy things that work for me.

I’m a stay at home mom and I don’t do much, but on days when I know I will come in contact with another human being I WILL use my Cover Girl BB Cream and set it with my Nuance Mineral Foundation. I add a bit Nuance Mineral Mauve Blush to add a hint of color. And finalize my look with a touch of NYX Glam Enchanting Lipstick to seal the deal. If I’m feeling bold I will throw on some of my BA Star Holiday Red to give some shock value to local passerby’s. I’m pretty simple…

What is the one beauty product you can’t live without?

LIPSTICK. I would die if I didn’t have it. Lipstick gives my face life even without a full face of makeup. It’s a NO DEAL without it. I WILL NOT step foot out the house!

Give us your top 3 beauty tips?

1. Try new things (I didn’t learn this until my 20’s). Without make up tutorials on YouTube I’d be lost!
2. As stated earlier, NEVER leave your house without a shade of lipstick on those peckers.
3. Less is best. Don’t cake it on. Makeup is supposed to enhance YOUR beauty not alter it!

You can follow Marie on Twitter @gdlknoutblog

Shoe Lust: B Brian Atwood Moultrie Sandals


B-Brian-Atwood-Moultrie-SandalsShoe: B Brian Atwood Moultrie Heels
Price: $495
Store: Zappos Couture

Bring spring in with a bang with these super sexy, strappy B Brian Atwood Moultrie heels.  Made to be worn with something short and sexy, these heels come with all the accessories to make a shoe obsessed lady swoon: spiked studs (check), swinging fringe (check), delicate ankle strap (check), and killer stiletto heel (double check).

These shoes aren’t for the faint or hear mind you. The 5 inch heels are on a  pencil thin stem and only a .25 inch platform to counter the incline. So, if you plan on wearing these beauties you better get your practice on and store a cute pair of flats in your bag for when your night is over and you’re headed back home.

These B Brian Atwood Sandals are made of black leather with stud and fringe details, they have an open toe and adjustable ankle strap. These designer shoes also have a leather sole and in-sole. The heel measures 5 inches with a .25 inch platform.  They will run $495 and you can buy them here.

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Rihanna’s River Island Collection is a Hot Mess

rihanna river island header

Rihanna River Island Collection Totally Misses the Mark

So Rihanna was looking to add another hyphen to her already mutli-hyphened self. Pop-Star – Actress – Quasi-Model and Resident Bad Girl weren’t enough, she thought designer would be a nice fit as well.

And why not?

Celebrities have been killing it with fashion lines ever since Russel Simmons thought putting the words Phat and Farm together on some t-shirts would be a cool idea. However there’s always that celebrity whose foray into another artistic endeavor is a seriously bad idea. Unfortunately for Rihanna, her collaboration with River Island falls into the latter category.    rihanna river island collection 01

I get the appeal of a clothing line for both Rihanna and River Island. Rihanna is like a real live dress up doll. Ever since her stint as the best dressed non-model at Paris’ Fashion Week in 2009, she’s solidified her place as a celebrity fashionista. You look to see what Rihanna is going to wear next, just as much (if not more so) than what her next single is going to be.

Add her fashionista cred to her  status as a bona-fide, world famous pop-star, coupled with River Island’s place as a chic and edgy retailer for today’s modern young woman, and it’s easy to see why both parties saw this as a venture made in cash cow heaven.

rihanna river island 02

The problem is Rihanna’s style is uniquely Rihanna and doesn’t translate well to the masses. The masses who likely can’t pull off the fierce, modern, sexy, tomboy, borderline-expensive escort chic manages to pull off so effortlessly. Instead River island has delivered trashy, skanky, tomboy, cheap porn star style for the masses to consume in their attempt to dress a little like Rihanna

Not a good look at all.

Outside of the totally trashy look and cheap quality of the clothes – the other big question is where is anyone going to wear any of these pieces. Riahnna is a pop-star. Her job is to make forgettable music, and show up and be photographed at any number of events to promote said forgettable music.

So if Rihanna has three-quarters of her boobs out or has some cheek action happening in a pair of too short shorts, no problem. More Skin = More Pictures = More Pageviews = More Sales or at least More Exposure which will then leads to More Sales. Everyone wins. But regualr everyday, average chick can’t run around too many places with that amount of skin exposure, unless of course her day job is one where More Skin = More Sales…and we’re not talking of the music variety.

    rihanna river island 03

The other pieces that offer more skin coverage are just so unflattering and ugly in their attempt to combine that sexy tomboy essence I can’t see anyone wanting to wear them for any reason other than Rhianna’s name is attached to them. And that’s the funny part about all of this – even though this has got to be one of the worst celebrity fashion lines released in the last ten years it is still likely to be widely successful. Hell some pieces from the line are already sold out on the website.

Final Thoughts

In the end, Rihanna is still Rihanna. She is a global phenom even if her music is about as memorable and interesting as a plain bowl of cold oatmeal. She’s managed to make millions convincing people to shell out their hard earned dollars for her forgettable records and cringe-worthy concerts, there’s no reason why she can’t convince them to shell out those same dollars for cheaply made and equally cringe worthy clothing.

Shoe Lust: Christian Louboutin Decorapumps Strass Platform Pumps

Decorapumps Strass Platform Pumps

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Shoe: Christian Louboutin Decorapump Strass Platform Pumps
Price: $3,895
Store: Neiman Marcus

What girl doesn’t like a lil’ sparkle? These Christian Louboutin Decorapump Strass Platform Pumps are covered in crystals. The various shaped crystals are placed in an art deco motif, so you not only get the beautiful sparkle, you also have amazing artwork on your feet. And like all good art, it’s gonna cost you. These babies will set you back almost 4k, but if you’ve got the cash these shoes are totally worth it. They’re one of a kind and hand made, also when you’re not wearing them you can display them like the fine art they are.

Black leather with a smattering of geometrical crystal bead embellishments, these Christian Louboutin shoes offer eye-searing effervescence. They have an almond toe, a leather in-sole and signature red sole. The heel measures 6.25 inches with a 1.75 inch platform. They are $3,895 and can be bought at Neiman Marcus

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Shoe Lust: Giuseppe Zanotti Curve Wedge Sandals

Giuseppe Zanotti Curve Wedge Sandals 03[suffusion-widgets id=’1′]

Shoe:  Giuseppe Zanotti curve wedge sandals
Price: $895
Store: Saks Fifth Avenue

I can’t say whether I love these shoes or not, but I definitely think they are a conversation piece and can add an edge to any look. These Giuseppe Zanotti curve wedge sandals offer the awe inspiring look of a heelless shoe (a la Victoria Beckham) but with more support and comfort.

This shoe is a scene stealer, not just from the shape, but also from the high shine metallics. They will look best paired with solids, preferably neutral in color or a dark wash skinny jean.

Gold, silver and bronze metallic leather with a curved wedge heel, these Giuseppe Zanotti shoes are meant to be noticed. They have an ankle strap with adjustable buckle and an open toe. They have a leather sole and in-sole. The heel measures 5.75 inches with a 1.75 inch platform. At $895 they are pretty reasonable and you can buy them here.

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Shoe Lust: Nicholas Kirkwood Velvet Pumps

Nicholas Kirkwood velvet pumps[suffusion-widgets id=’1′]

ShoeNicholas Kirkwood velvet pumps
Price: $929

I’m on the fence about these Nicholas Kirkwood velvet pumps.  I can’t decide whether they belong in a seventies disco, eighties porn film or a hot party right now. On way hand Nicholas Kirkwood’s velvet pumps are the picture of opulence. On the other hand, they look like they might go well with some hot pants and a big Afro wig for Halloween. I mean, they’re crushed velvet for goodness sake. Either way you look at it they are definitely something to talk about.

This particular pair are purple, crushed velvet platform pumps, accented with a scalloped gold-toned platform and heel. These Nicholas Kirkwood pumps offer a  kick of iconic, eye-searing opulence. They have a leather sole and in sole. They have a 5 inch heel and 1.5 inch platform. They are $929 at

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