Fashion Collections: Rag and Bone Pre-Fall 2014

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Rag and Bone Pre-Fall 2014

Rag and Bone kept it very simple with their pre-fall 2014 collection. Not only are the designs very minimalist, but the color scheme consists of black, grey and white. The looks were inspired 90′s British street style, full of its active wear and effortless cool.

Clearly these designs aren’t anything you’d wear to the gym, but they do give you that easy, breezy, I’m cooler than you without even trying look. What do you think of Rag and Bone’s pre-fall collection? Can you see yourself rocking these looks next year?

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Collections: Rauwolf Fall 2013 Clutches


Rauwolf isn’t exactly a household name, but if you didn’t know the label before seeing their new Fall 2013 line of clutches, you won’t forget them after viewing these wearable pieces of art. These aren’t clutches for those who want a nice bag to go with their outfit for a night on the town. These clutches are statement pieces meant to be the focal point of the outfit, not some forgettable accessory.rauwolf-fall-2013-amethyst-venice-clutch


To me each clutch resembles a perfume bottle. With their vibrant colors, geometric designs and reflective surfaces, I expect to pick each one and give it a scent to see what glorious smell is encased in each bag. Designer Kristine Johannes’s really let her imagination run free when designing these clutches. The craftsmanship is impeccable and the intricacies of the design definitely give you something to talk about.


Rauwolf’s 2013 line of clutches are best paired with elegant, simple looks. The clutches are statement enough. Paired with a busy or intricate outfit one would come off looking busy, over styled and possibly a little silly. You don’t add these clutches to a look, you build the look around the clutches. You can order these beauties now from Moda Opernadi and see what else the label has to offer at their website

What say you Curvy Ladies? How do you feel about Rauwolf Fall 2013 Clutch line?

rauwolf-fall-2013-sapphire-classic-faceted-clutch rauwolf-fall-2013-gold-constantinople-clutch rauwolf-fall-2013-amethyst-mirrored-orbit-clutchrauwolf-fall-2013-van-eyck-green-clutchrauwolf-fall-2013-gold-degrade-sputnik-clutch rauwolf-fall-2013-blood-shalimar-clutchrauwolf-fall-2013-gold-emerald-cut-gemstone-clutch

Collections: Walter Steiger Fall 2012


Walter Steiger Fall 2012 Collection

So, Walter Steiger finally decided to release pictures of his Fall 2012 line entitled “Ballet Russe.” I must say this is a pretty funky looking line. Sporting his signature curved heel, these shoes will definitely make the outfit. You will definitely style around these designs, not the other way around. As of now Barney’s is the only shop you can buy Steiger Fall 2012.






Denim Collections: Artisan De Luxe Women’s Spring/Summer 2012

Artisan de Luxe Women’s Spring/Summer 2012 Collection has everything that we love about denim fro it’s ability to go from casual to high fashion and how one can express themselves through something as smile as their jeans. Gratefully, there is no skinny jean in sight for this collection. Instead they have boot cut and flared styles that are extra special thanks to simple whisker detailing and distressing.

Images via Denimology.

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Denim Collections: G-Star RAW Womens Fall Winter 2011-2012

Similar to menswear, G-Star‘s Womens 2011-2012 Fall Winter Collection delves with the “Metropolitan Explorer” theme by mixing a modern 3D denim approach, the 1920s city life and rugged outdoors. Furthermore, a sensual and feminine touch shows off as RAW Elegance.

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