Retailer Spotlight: Los Angeles Based Luxury Brand L’Cheriyve

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Retailer Spotlight is our series featuring clothing and accessory brands that may not be household names, but are exciting, fashion forward and chic and perfect for the curvy ladies this magazine caters to. This week we had the chance to sit down with Brandon Gerson of L’Cheriyve, an amazing company that makes Trenchcapades, the sexiest trench coats you will ever see.

Tell us about your company. How it got started and the lines your produce.

L’Cheriyve was founded in March of 2012 receiving our Trademark for Trenchcapades in September 2012. We were created by women for women and invites you to experience what it is like to truly be adored.

A Los Angeles luxury lifestyle brand, L’Cheriyve, inspires women to embrace their inner femininity and to be adored by those around them. L’Cheriyve is pioneering a new apparel category with their trademarked Trenchcapades™, an exclusive line of season-less couture trench coats; their unique twist on boudoir photography; and their intimate line of playful belongings.

The Trenchcapade is our signature product featuring an eleven-piece collection. It is our sexy, yet sophisticated rendition of an iconic trench coat, designed for women who want to be adored. Each of the 11 Trenchcapades are available world wide exclusively via L’Cheriyve’s immersive online shopping, personal fittings at our Los Angeles Studio, and private events and showings.

Hand crafted in Los Angeles, the Trenchcapade™ is a couture accessory, only available in limited quantities, that brings together sumptuous fabrics and exquisite details that accentuate the female figure. The Trenchcapade inspires an adventure waiting to happen.

With so many outerwear lines available to consumers what makes L’Cheriyve special?

Luxury brands have lost their exclusivity and have diluted their product lines to become available to the masses. L’Cheriyve provides its clients with more than just another product or service, and they get to have a unique experience that brings a distinct joy to their lives. L’Cheriyve produces a limited number of Trenchcapades solely in couture fabrics & leather skins, which can only be purchased online through

The beauty of the Trenchcapade is that it is not available at any of your typical retail stores and won’t be seen on every corner. Our elegant boudoir photography is shot in a French inspired studio specifically created to ensure a creative, safe, luxurious space to capture the most gorgeous photos in unique, eye catching backgrounds. We hand selected only the finest “Playful Belongings” to encourage adventurous, intimate fun.

L’Cheriyve Trench Coats

Describe the woman who would wear a L’Cheriyve coat.

The L’Cheriyve Woman craves experiences that are luxurious and exciting. She seeks exclusivity and uniqueness, the essence of playful and fun sensuality. A woman who is feminine, she possesses a passionate spirit and more than anything she desires to simply be adored.

Where can one find your coats? Do you have your own boutique?

Our Trenchcapades are available on our website or in our Los Angles show room. Currently we are participating in the Bryant Park Holiday Shops in New York City and we will be there until January 5th. Our coats are not available in retail.

What’s next for L’Cheriyve? Any new lines on the horizon?

All of our Trenchcapades are made in limited quantities. Once we use up the specific fabric we retire that product. Therefore our Trenches will always be xclusive as they are made in limited runs. No more than 40 of any one trench is ever made.

We are considering again participating in New York Fashion Week, as we received such rave reviews and exposure in September of 2013. At that point we would début our next collection. We are also rolling out a line of bracelet handcuffs.

L’Cheriyve Bracelet Hand Cuffs are hand crafted in Los Angeles. They are offered in:

  • Sterling Silver, gunmetal dipped, 14K gold dipped.
  • With Pave Cubic Zirconas in Sterling Silver, Gun Metal Dipped, and 14K Gold Dipped
  • Both the Pave and Plain can be offered in solid gold with diamonds upon request.

Shop their website:
You can follow L’Cheriyve on Twitter: @LCheriyve

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