Shoe Lust: Helmut Lang Stingray & Leather Point-Toe Pumps

Helmut Lang Stingray & Leather Point-Toe Pumps Header

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Shoe: Helmut Lang Stingray & Leather Point-Toe Pumps
Price: $550
Store: Saks Fifth Avenue

YASSSSSS!!!! Is what I said upon first viewing these beauties from Helmut Lang. These Helmut Lang Stingray & Leather Point-Toe Pumps are nice mix of sexy and sophistication with their Stingray and calfskin upper, 31/4 inch heels and pointed toe. These heels are wearable with anything from skirts to jeans making them a great staple to add to any fashionistas shoe collection. There $550 from Saks Fifth Avenue.

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Retailer Spotlight: Custom Jewelry Company Teece Torre

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Retailer Spotlight is our series featuring clothing and accessory brands that may not be household names, but are exciting, fashion forward and chic and perfect for the curvy ladies this magazine caters to. This week we had the chance to sit down with Patricia Caruso of Teece Torre, home of beautiful custom made jewelry.

Tell us about your company. How it got started and the jewelry you make.

Teece Torre Jewelry got started as a birthday present for a good friend. In between directing commercials, I had some free time. I wanted to give my close friend something special. I always had an idea for a huge multi-strand bracelet of gemstones, but could never find the exact one I was craving: a multi-strand gemstone bracelet that fit like a cuff. So, I figured out how to make one by trial and error. I used coral beads from an antique necklace I had and made one for her. When she opened the present, there was silence in the room and everyone started asking me about the bracelet. I left the party with two orders for gemstone bracelets, one amethyst and one garnet.

What makes Teece Torre jewelry special compared to other custom jewelry lines?

Teece Torre jewelry is absolutely custom made. Each piece is one-of-a-kind in gemstone placement and the randomness of beads. The customer can make requests for any changes and collaborate with me on their very special piece. I make pieces from photographs or a simple idea a client may have. My pieces are reasonably priced so everyone can wear real gemstones.

Teece Torre Jewelry

Describe the woman who would wear Teece Torre jewelry.

The woman who wears Teece Torre Jewelry loves real gemstones and the updated classics. She knows her own style and what looks good. She has excellent taste and will spend her hard earned money on a few wardrobe pieces that become her staples and “go to” pieces that she can accessorize. She isn’t into fads and instead builds a wardrobe based on what she can wear now and years from now.

What’s next for Teece Torre Jewelry? Any new jewelry lines on the horizon?

I am always creating new pieces every week. I’m always looking for new gemstones and gem combinations. Next for me will be custom clasps and a line of bracelets for teens. Right now, I’m just enjoying creating beautiful pieces for those who appreciate them.
Shop Teece Torre Jewelry:
Follow Teece Torre on Twitter: @TeeceTorre