Shoe Lust: B Brian Atwood Moultrie Sandals


B-Brian-Atwood-Moultrie-SandalsShoe: B Brian Atwood Moultrie Heels
Price: $495
Store: Zappos Couture

Bring spring in with a bang with these super sexy, strappy B Brian Atwood Moultrie heels.  Made to be worn with something short and sexy, these heels come with all the accessories to make a shoe obsessed lady swoon: spiked studs (check), swinging fringe (check), delicate ankle strap (check), and killer stiletto heel (double check).

These shoes aren’t for the faint or hear mind you. The 5 inch heels are on a  pencil thin stem and only a .25 inch platform to counter the incline. So, if you plan on wearing these beauties you better get your practice on and store a cute pair of flats in your bag for when your night is over and you’re headed back home.

These B Brian Atwood Sandals are made of black leather with stud and fringe details, they have an open toe and adjustable ankle strap. These designer shoes also have a leather sole and in-sole. The heel measures 5 inches with a .25 inch platform.  They will run $495 and you can buy them here.

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