No One Said Weight Loss Was Easy

Weight Loss Not Easy

Weight Loss Is Not Easy

This is an interesting article, and it makes some valid points, but what I don’t think it fully mentions is that losing weight is actually pretty easy, it’s the keeping it off that’s hard.

Losing weight is not easy. No one should lull you into believing there is a quick way to lose weight. One important component of weight loss is that is takes time. There is no fast track to getting in better shape, but it is also never too late to start.

Definitely agree with the point that it is never too late start. I will add however that unless of until you deal with the real issues behind your weight gain, you will never be successful. The weight will always come back.

Weight gain is easy. Your body does not care if you put on some pounds. It has no real defense. Calorie laden foods and inactivity make the body hungrier. It sets off a chain reaction that leads to more hunger. When fat cells accumulate in the body, an unhealthy decline of the hormone leptin leads us to seek more food.

I think this is the important part people miss, the biochemical aspect of weight gain. Foods, particularly those with high fructose corn syrup, work against the body’s ability to let you know when you’re full. So, you keep eating, keep gaining weight, which makes you more inactive, more hungry and the cycle continues.

Losing weight and maintaining the weight lost is a lifetime project made even more difficult if you’re a person who has been overweight all of your life. You have to stay vigilant and be willing to change your life. That’s the key.



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  1. I’m going organic wherever possible. Luckily California has a pretty health conscious attitude that has rubbed off on me. The food may cost more, but the quality is worth it.

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