Bag Lust: Marni Triple-Pocket Lambskin Tote Bag


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Bag: Marni Triple-Pocket Lambskin Tote Bag
Price: $1,450
Store: Neiman Marcus

Never lose anything at the bottom of your purse again with this Triple Pocket Lambskin Tote Bag by Marni. This fun tote is perfect for the lady who likes to carry everything, including the kitchen sink, in her purse. With it’s  three strategically placed pockets, and zippers that plunge all the way down along the sides finding items in your bag is a cinch. You’ll never be disorganized again.

This Marni tote has a teal lining, adding a luscious pop of color to an already fabulous bag. It’s made of soft lambskin, has golden hardware and an open top with a magnetic disclosure. Consuelo Castiglion continues to show she’s one of the best in the biz with this fun, vibrant bag.  Get it at Neiman Marcus for $1,450.

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