Shop Her Style: Beyonce in Cia. Maritima Yellow Printed Hibiscus Bikini

Beyonce in Cia Bikini

Who: Beyonce
WearingYellow Printed Hibiscus by  Cia.Maritima
Where: Tumblr
Shop: 30.38 each at Saks Fifth Avenue

Beyonce went to Tumblr to remind the world that she’s the Baddest Bitch (cue Trina) in this super sexy look with just a soccer Jersey and Cia.Maritima Yellow Printed Hibiscus Bikini. I’m usually not a big fan of Beyonce’s photo-shoots but she’s doing her thing here, making all the Curvy Girls proud. Peep how you can get Beyonce’s super sexy bikini and do your own super sexy Tumblr shoot:

This is a super sexy string bikini from Cia.Maritima. There is no hiding ANY flaws in this slinky number, so where it with pride ladies, and maybe spend a little extra time in the gym prior to you wearing it for the first time. Couldn’t hurt.


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