Shop Her Style: Beyonce in Cia. Maritima Yellow Printed Hibiscus Bikini

Beyonce in Cia Bikini

Who: Beyonce
WearingYellow Printed Hibiscus by  Cia.Maritima
Where: Tumblr
Shop: 30.38 each at Saks Fifth Avenue

Beyonce went to Tumblr to remind the world that she’s the Baddest Bitch (cue Trina) in this super sexy look with just a soccer Jersey and Cia.Maritima Yellow Printed Hibiscus Bikini. I’m usually not a big fan of Beyonce’s photo-shoots but she’s doing her thing here, making all the Curvy Girls proud. Peep how you can get Beyonce’s super sexy bikini and do your own super sexy Tumblr shoot:

This is a super sexy string bikini from Cia.Maritima. There is no hiding ANY flaws in this slinky number, so where it with pride ladies, and maybe spend a little extra time in the gym prior to you wearing it for the first time. Couldn’t hurt.


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Shop Her Style: Beyonce in J Brand Leather Leggings

Beyonce J Brand Leather Leggings

Who: Beyonce
Wearing: J Brand leather leggings
Where: Paris
Shop: $895 from Madison LA.

Oh it must be nice to be Beyonce, outside of having an amazing career you get to travel the world and wear absolutely fabulous clothes as evidenced by her choice of pants while in Paris, France at Caviar Kaspia.

Beyonce is wearing leather J Brand leggings that are hugely popular with the stars these days. She paired it with a red and black tuxedo jacket – which are also in these days – and a pair of black heels. I’m not always a fan of what Ms. B. wears but this look is on FIRE!

What say you Curvy Girls – is Beyonce rocking the J Brand leather leggings or what?

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