On the Scene: Rihanna at the 40/40 Club Marc Hundley x Opening Ceremony

RIhanna took a break from being naked and rocked a rather low key ensemble at he Marc Hundley x Opening Ceremony that took place at her boss’ Jay-Z 40/40 club.

Her ensemble consisted of a $125.93 Mark Fast Reptile Mesh Bra Top

A sold out graphic tee that quotes the Smiths’ song “Hand in Glove: If the people stare then the people stare” which, incidentally, reminds me of Mercutio’s line from Romeo & Juliet “Men’s eyes are made to look, let themm gaze.”

She then completed the outfit with a pair of $250 Forfex x OC No Kill Iron Toe Cap Flight Sneakers that are a collaboration with talian designer Gio Forbice and feature steel toes, velcro patches, zipper closures down the heels, and 1″ rubber platforms.

I don’t know that I’m necessarily feeling the look, BUT it is nice to see Rihanna with some clothes on for a change not exposing any major body parts…so that’s definitely a plus.

Hit or Miss: “Empire Girls” Julissa and Adrienne at Bishops and Barrons in New York City

Hmmm…I’m not so sure this is how you resurrect a career. Julissa Bermudez and Adrienne Bailon hit up Bishops and Barons in New York City for a little cocktail reception to celebrate the premeire of their new series Empire Girls on Style.


Julissa rocked a Altuzarra blazer with Burberry sandals. While Adrienne wore a multi-colored Sweet Rain top with Givenchy sandals.


More from Altuzarra:

I personally think they wore a heavy dose of Trying to Hard, but that’s me. I’m not sure I’m feeling either girl’s outfit as they look like a pair of cockatoos that are desperately saying “Look at me! Look at me!”

What say you Curvy Beauties, are the Empire Girls Julissa and Adrienne Hor or Not?

In case you missed the premiere of their new show here’s a clip to whet your appetite: