Style Wars: Jennifer Hudson vs. Kim Kardashian in Donna Karan’s Gold Foldover Stretch Pencil Skirt

Welcome to another edition of Style Wars, where celebrities go head to head to determine who wore it better. For this round of Style Wars Jennifer Hudson goes up against Kim Kardashian in Donna Karan. Who delivered the knockout blow?

jennifer-hudson-donna-karan-foldover-metallic-skirt-christian-louboutin-diptic-booties   Kim-Kardashians-Donna-Karan-Fold-Over-Metallic-Stretch-Pencil-Skirt

Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Hudson recently rocked the same Gold Foldover Stretch Pencil Skirt by Donna Karan. Kim Kardashian paired her skirt with a green camisole and Tom Ford sandals, while Hudson wore a short sleeve black top and Christian Louboutin booties.

There was a time when the idea of Jennifer Hudson and Kim Kardashian wearing the same thing would have been laughable. however, times have changed and Hudson looks great in her new body, curves still intact. So who won this battle of the Donna Karan skirt?

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