Curvy Fashionista of the Day: Tamara Jones

Tamara Curvy Fashionista

About Tamara Jones

Tamara Jones is 5’7, 30 year old woman who loves fashion. She is a paralegal and dance instructor/choreographer teaching Tap, African and Hip Hop. She has danced at several venues such as Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM) and Symphony Space in NY.  She’s been given the opportunity to perform for Essence Magazine Christmas parties, travel to Mexico and Canada and other countries and did a tribute to Savion Glover, one of the best tap dancers in the world. Who knew a plus size girl could be fashionable and perform? It is her goal to encourage other plus size women to embrace what was given to them.

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Three Questions With Tamara

1. Describe your personal style?

My sense of style is a twist of ethnic wear, mixed with class.  I love to wear pieces made by unknown clothing designers, African seamstress in Harlem, NY, thrift shops such as “Beacons Closet,” and have my jewelry made for me.

2. What’s the one item of clothing you can’t live without?

I cannot live without my large bamboo earrings.  They go with everything.  They can be worn dressed up or down

3.What does being a fashionista mean to you?

A fashionista for me is someone who is confident in knowing that, this particular style may not be acceptable for some in the work place, fashion world or other sectors. However, because you are a fashionista, you set the trend.  You do not follow what is considered trendy at best, yet deviate from the norm.  You follow your heart, and what makes you feel good, embracing the title mentally and physically.  I have been told, “Tamara your always wearing something different; or that’s just your style.”  I truly was not aware that my style was” different.”  It just seemed like it was ME.  I have several friends who are into fashion and I wish I could “pull off” their style, which therefore made me believe it’s how you wear it. If you have the ability to light up a room, take it with pride and as a compliment.

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