Blooging With Style: Meet Marie Young of Good Look-N-Out

Blogging With Style is our weekly showcase of personal style and beauty bloggers. There are a lot of great voices and blogs out there written by fashionistas and beauty experts from around the globe.This is our way of showing them some love and introducing our readers to some great new beauty and fashion bloggers. This week we feature Marie Young of Good Look-N-Out.

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How did you get started blogging?

When I became a displaced worker back in 2011. I was actually reading someone else’s blog in between my daily job search and said to myself “I want to do this!” and I did it! I’ve been hooked ever since…

What can readers expect from your blog?

After someone reads my blog I want them to pause, look up and think to themselves “THIS CHICK IS MAD COOL!” I love that my blog reads like I’m talking to a close friend. My goal is to be helpful and sincerity is what I pride myself on. Readers can expect to feel like whatever post their reading to read like they’re talking to a close friend, giving them the REAL. I discuss fashion, food, health, beauty, and wellness. Covering topics that are most important to the everyday woman, which is pretty much EVERYTHING!

Simona Marie Young 2 Simona Marie Young

Walk us through your personal beauty regime.

I have to admit, I’m a low maintenance type of chick. I don’t subscribe all the latest and greatest in the beauty world, so you won’t find me find me fighting over the last Ri-Ri Woo lipstick in mac with someone. Chances are I could find an even better shade at CVS for half the cost. Don’t get me wrong, I try new things and seek out whats out there in the beauty world, but as in the words of Kanye West, I can do without “all the jazz” and I don’t just get things because of the brand or who represents it. I buy things that work for me.

I’m a stay at home mom and I don’t do much, but on days when I know I will come in contact with another human being I WILL use my Cover Girl BB Cream and set it with my Nuance Mineral Foundation. I add a bit Nuance Mineral Mauve Blush to add a hint of color. And finalize my look with a touch of NYX Glam Enchanting Lipstick to seal the deal. If I’m feeling bold I will throw on some of my BA Star Holiday Red to give some shock value to local passerby’s. I’m pretty simple…

What is the one beauty product you can’t live without?

LIPSTICK. I would die if I didn’t have it. Lipstick gives my face life even without a full face of makeup. It’s a NO DEAL without it. I WILL NOT step foot out the house!

Give us your top 3 beauty tips?

1. Try new things (I didn’t learn this until my 20’s). Without make up tutorials on YouTube I’d be lost!
2. As stated earlier, NEVER leave your house without a shade of lipstick on those peckers.
3. Less is best. Don’t cake it on. Makeup is supposed to enhance YOUR beauty not alter it!

You can follow Marie on Twitter @gdlknoutblog

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