Side Effects of Adultery: Slashed Tires, Hot Grits and Death


Adultery Has Consequences

*Announcers Voice*

Feeling lonely in your marriage?

Have things just become boring an predictable?

Is your spouse just not giving it to you the way they used to?

Well talk to your doctor about Adultery.

Adultery has been proven to alleviate many of the pains associated with a boring and predictable marriage. You will be able to find that spark for life again and experience the fun, newness, and excitement you had in your relationships before you were married.

You should only take Adultery a few times a year.

You should consult your doctor before you take Adultery to ensure you are healthy enough to begin the medication.

Tell your doctor right away If you experience any itching, burning or unexplained breakouts while taking Adultery.

Side effects may include: destroying your family, hurting your kids, jail time, loss of career, STD’s, hot grits, slashed tires, keyed cars, bleached wardrobes, burnt homes, potash, bodily harm and death

Adultery may be the answer you are looking for all of your marital woes.

Ask your doctor about Adultery.

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Funny huh?

In the aftermath of the tragedy that was Steve McNair it seems many men folk have forgotten how serious adultery/cheating/playing with folks emotions really is. Men, more so then the ladies, put all the blame for what happened on Kazemi – the delusional chick who offed herself and McNair. They seem to believe that the tragedy lies solely on her shoulders.

I’m sorry to disappoint the fellas (and some of the ladies) put Kazemi isn’t even the main person to blame for this horror.

This tragedy comes in two parts and had McNair remembered that one of the consequences to adultery is death, maybe he’d still be alive today.

We seem to forget that this type of crime happens so often it’s given a name – a crime of passion.

Not only is it given a name, but a look at pop culture can easily reveal how common retribution by a spurned lover is. From Fatal Attraction to Jazmine Sullivan, our various forms of entertainment are chalk full of examples of the high price people pay for playing around on their significant others.

To those who don’t get it, and seem to think Steve McNair couldn’t have seem this coming, I will make it as clear for you as I can: Remember Al Green and those hot grits?

Nuff said.

And while Rev. Green may not have died, I’m pretty sure most people who read this blog don’t have to delve too far in their lives or their friends and families lives to find tales of a jilted lover/spouse that exacted their revenge with a bullet, knife or some deadly fisticuffs.

Does it happen in all cases of adultery? No.

Does it happen in the majority of cases of adultery? No.

Does it happen often enough that it is a foreseeable consequence of adultery? Yes.

Just like all drug users don’t die, all adulterers won’t die, but it doesn’t mean that death isn’t a real consequence of drug use and adultery.

Folk need to think about those consequences long and hard before dipping their pens in someone else’s inkwell (or opening their inkwells to other folk’s pens).

Maybe if they did we wouldn’t have to hear about these type of tragedies that impact not just the adulterer and the murderer, but also the families they leave behind.

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2 thoughts on “Side Effects of Adultery: Slashed Tires, Hot Grits and Death”

  1. Clapping loudly…

    Amen to this post. Most men seem to forget the saying ” Don’t start none, won’t be none”. It had drama written all over it. Women are emotion creatures, and we can only take a certain amount of bullshit. Her bullshit quota was on max. How would you feel if someone lie to you constantly? Not that I think death to the person but if pushed I can see why. I was married to a man who I thought would never cheat on me in a million years. HA!! He was dipping to another sate to see a girl under the guise that he was going fishing, help his friend move, or my favorite: had to go out of town for work. Each time, he wouldn’t have his phone on (how convenient) or forget his phone cord (yeah right). As much as I tired to believe him, it didn’t add up. When he came to me taking about separating cause he felt we fight too much (about the dumb shit he was doing) I conceded. I pack up my shit and left. I found out about her in an email, a receipt in his wallet, and his loose lip sisterl. After three years of his bullshit, he finally divorce me and married his side boo. They have been married going on for two years now ( 1 whole year dipping with me). I laugh cause I know that I was this close to cleaning his clock, but I refuse to do jail time for someone so trifling.

    First a cheater always a cheater. Glad she took him off my hands!! I pray that Mrs. McNair will find some solace in knowing that she wasn’t to blame. Most women know when their man is not right. You have to know when to let them go and move on with your life. I am not messing with him anymore, and know that they is a man for me that will love me and respect the vows we took.

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