Braids, Locs, Wigs and Weaves: Best Natural Hairstyles for Working Out

Natural Hairstyles

Best Natural Hairstyles for Black Women Working Out

It’s summertime and it’s time to figure out what you’re going to do with that hair after you’ve seated it out running, jumping, biking and swimming or whatever your exercise regime happens to be.

Now as black women, I know many of ya’ll have an aversion to sweating out the “do” you just paid way too much money for. However, as I’ve noted on this blog on many an occaison, not sweating is not an option. Black women’s health depends on a bit of sweating so ya’ll just need to get with the program and figure the best way to keep those locs stylish and that body moving. Here are a few suggestions I found around the web:

Put a Wig On It!

If you still haven’t learned to care for you own hair don’t let it hold you back any longer. You have options you can get braids, a weave, or put a “Wig” on it. Now, I have never been really been in favor of wigs or weave but Ladies you got to put your health first. So if that means getting a sew-in or sporting a wig a couple of days a week then do just that. Oh, and these days you don’t have to worry about your wig falling off. Consult with your beautician about getting a lace wig. One of my girls has one and she loves it…Keep Reading

Hair Care Tips for Sisters on the Move

This is a pamphlet created by Harvard researchers back in the 90’s. Yes I know it’s old, but it still holds up to time. It gives great suggestions fro relaxed and natural hairstyles. Goes into detail on the may hairstyle choices available to women from short dos to locs and braids. I recommend all black women who are concerned about their hair as it pertains to their workouts download the pamphlet and check it out.

Healthy Summer Hair Tips for Black Women

As the summer gradually descends on the nation’s capitol, thousands of African American women are considering what to do with their tresses. In addition to being harangued by the humidity of the city, Black hair is often caught in style limbo due to damage from over-processing or the many summer activities that “sweat hair out.” But according to area stylists, all is not loss...Keep Reading

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