3 Steps You Can Take To Control Your Emotional Eating

Emotional Eating

Gaining Control Of Emotional Eating

So I was searching the web for some practical solutions to emotional eating but kept coming up short. So I thought well, I can offer what (little) advice I have on how to deal with the problem.

1. Run

Or simply put find some other way to channel whatever energy you have that you’d rather put into a pint of Haagen-Das, a bag of oreos or whatever you favorite comfort food is.

I used to be a really angry person for a lot of different reasons. Eating was one way to deal with that anger, sex was another (that’s another conversation) but EXERCISE was the best. Nothing mellowed me out faster then doing 20-30 minutes on the treadmill or punching a heavy bag or running. The idea was to exhaust myself so that I wouldn’t have time to worry or stress about what upset me.

2. Bargain With Yourself

Like I said in the last post I made a deal with myself. Eat all of the good stuff (fruit, veggies, whole grains, etc.) during the day and then ice cream is my reward. And let me stress to you how much I Luuuuuvvvv ice cream.

3. Wait It Out

What I mean about this is that if you find that you’re craving something to eat but know you’re not really hungry give it 10-15 minutes before you indulge and most importantly go do something else. Call a friend, hit up a blog (preferably this one:-) ), clean something…whatever it takes to let the craving pass.

Final Thoughts

That’ s all I have for now but if you have other suggestions feel free to post them. This is a subject I will come back to a lot ’cause I suspect that many of us are eating for reasons that have nothing to with hunger and for us to lose and keep the weight off it is something we will have to understand and work on.

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2 thoughts on “3 Steps You Can Take To Control Your Emotional Eating”

  1. I often eat for the wrong reasons. At work it’s because of stress or frustration. That drives me to either go to the vending machine or buy some kind of junk at lunch time (even if I brought a healthy lunch from home).At home I tend to eat out of boredom. Or because something is in the kitchen and I want more of it even though I already had plenty.

  2. I completely understand the boredem. That can be a big one for me too. Haven’t figuted out how to work through it though.When I worked in a office (I work from home now) I found if I bought my lunch and snacks with me it cut doen on vending machine trips.

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