Women Proposing to Men: An Act of Desperation or Empowerment? (Video)

Women Proposing to Men: Yea or Nay?

Is it ever okay for a woman to propose to a man?

I’m generally against women proposing to men. Most of the time when women do the proposing it’s an act of desperation. They’ve been with a man for umpteen-fifty-million years wanting desperately for him to propose and when he doesn’t and she realizes she’s getting older and her eggs are drying up she decides to propose under the guise of “getting what she wants.”

If a woman who proposes to a man was really trying to get what she wants, she would have proposed after a year or two of being in strong, stable, successful relationship where marriage has been discussed and is expected. That’s proposing from a position of power.

I still don’t think it’s something I’d recommend or would do myself, I am a little old school in some of my beliefs. But under those circumstances, a woman is well within her right to go after what she wants. If he says no, well that’s life, but you don’t look like a fool because of it and he very well could say yes, just ask Pink how well it worked out for her.