Shoe Lust: Maison Martin Margiela Thigh High Boots

maison martin margiela thigh high boot

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Shoe: Martin’s Margiela Thigh High Boots
Price: $1,855
Store: Shopbop

I love a nice (non-Pretty Woman-esque) thigh high boot. Unfortunately for me, being the vertically challenged person that I am, rarely do they look as good on me as they do in my head. Enter Masion Martin’s Margiela Thigh High Boots. A pair of boots I truly lust after, but I’m pretty sure aren’t made for women with legs as short as mine. Le Sigh.

Truthfully however these thigh-highs are more like pants or tights than they are thigh-high boots. These boots look like they stop at your hip bone and would make the perfect leg warmers. Seriously meant to be worn with a very cute dress, you can keep the accessorize to a minimum ’cause the boots say it all. You can get the Maison Martin Margiela thigh high boots at Shopbop for $1,855 in black and white.

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