Exercise Ball Abs Bonanza Workout Routine

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Workout Summary

Main Goal: Strengthen Core
Workout Type: Single Muscle Group
Training Level: Intermediate
Days Per Week: 2
Equipment Required: Floor Mat, Exercise Ball

Workout Description

Grab an exercise ball and give your abs the workout of life. This abdominal routine will have begging for it to end, but will strengthen your core and give you the abs others will be jealous of. The Exercise Ball Abs bonanza is a workout that will strengthen your core. All of your abdominal muscles get an intense workout, building muscles and flattening abs. Workout should be completed on non-consecutive days, twice a week.

Exercise Ball Abs Bonanza  Workout

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Exercise Descriptions

1. Exercise Ball Crunch

Exercise Ball Crunch

Exercise Description

These are your standard crunches except they are on a exercise ball. Lay on the exercise ball, making sure it is in the middle of your back with your feet planted firmly on the floor. Place your hands lightly behind your ears and use your abdominal muscles to crunch up. Bring your shoulders up off of the ball and when you feel your muscles contract, return to the starting position. Repeat.

2. Pass the Ball

Pass the Ball Exercise Pt 1

Pass the Ball Exercise Pt 2

Pass the Ball Exercis Pt 3

Exercise Description

Pass the ball is a tough move, but great for working your entire core. All your abdominal muscles get worked with this move, and you will feel it later. Lay on a mat with your legs out in front of you and your arms stretched out over your head and the exercise ball placed between your feet. Next grip the ball with your feet and bring it up, as you reach the half way mark, crunch up bringing your shoulders and arms up and grab the ball. From there stretch out in the starting position, this time with the ball in your hands over your head and without your feet or hands touching the ground. Next repeat the move again bringing the ball back to the original starting position. That’s one rep.

3. Elevated Exercise Ball Crunch

Elevated Ball Crunch Exercise

Exercise Description

This exercise is similar to your standard crunch, except your lay with your back on the floor and your legs propped up on the exercise ball, under your knees, behind your thighs. Place your hands behind your ears, use your abs to crunch up, bringing your shoulders off the ground. Once you feel your abdominal muscles contract, return to the starting position.

4. Exercise Ball Ab Roll Up

Exercise Ball Ab Roll Up

Exercise Description

Lie on the floor with your legs extended in front of you with your heels on the exercise ball. Place you hands behind your ears, crunch up bringing your shoulders off the ground. As you crunch your body upwards, roll the exercise ball towards you. Roll the ball back out, while lowering your body back to the ground, returning to the starting position.

Equipment Needed

1. Best Floor Mat:

2. Best Exercise Ball: