Why I *Heart* Gold Diggers

Gold Diggers

I Love Gold Digger And You Should Too

I don’t have an issue with gold diggers.

You will never find me complaining about how a woman is a gold digger and shame on her and how she doesn’t deserve to be with that man and he’s such a victim for falling for her game.

Naw, you will never hear me say that.

And there are several reasons why:

1. (Some) Black men call all women gold diggers these days

Nowadays if you expect a brother to pay for a date…you’re a gold digger. It really is that bad. I once had a guy say he thought I was a gold digger because when he was telling me about his book and how he needed an editor, instead of offering my services (I write/edit for a living) for free since I knew he was a student, I had the gall to suggest I be paid for my work.  Yeah…that’s really what he said. Under these conditions, any woman who doesn’t insist on going Dutch never considers a man’s income when evaluating him or marriage and has no expectation whatsoever of being compensated for work she’s done (i.e. the editing) is a gold digger. It’s a no-win situation.

2. Income and financial stability matter when it’s time to marry

I have a friend who is a pharmacy manager. He once said to me that he’d be just as

I have a friend who is a pharmacy manager. He once said to me that he’d be just as marriage-worthy if he were making $20,000 then at the six-figure income he was making now. I laughed. He may still be a nice guy at $20,000 a year, but he is definitely NOT marriage worthy.  When it’s time to marry money matters. If a man can’t provide or a family on his income alone, then he’s not ready to be married. Women still do more housework and rearing of the children than men. MUCH more. So much it’s like women have two full-time jobs, the one they do at work and the one they do at home. If you marry a man who has a comfortable income then a lot of the pressure is off of you to either:

  • a. Have a high-powered career.
  • b. Be a superhuman  homemaker because you can afford the help.

3. There is a difference between a gold digger and  being a savvy woman

A gold digger is a woman who marries a man solely for the money he has. She has no other considerations other than the size of his portfolio. Think Ana Nicole Smith who married an 80-year-old billionaire when she was still in her twenties. There was no other reason for her to marry that man other than the fact he was a billionaire.  That’s gold digging. Now a woman who takes a man’s finances into consideration when considering marriage but also considers his ability as a father, his ambition, his faith, whether or not he’s a nice guy, etc. is NOT a gold digger. She’s taking a comprehensive look at the person she is going to stand up with in front of God and country and say “I do.” That’s “smart not gold digging.

In closing, I will also say that even in scenario #3 I don’t feel bad for the guy involved. A woman who marries a man solely for his money will earn every penny of it. The man isn’t stupid. I know everyone likes to portray men as the victim in these situations. That the poor millionaire/billionaire couldn’t see that this woman only wanted him for his duckets. This man who made millions or billions couldn’t see through this woman’s charade.

Yeah Okay.

What people don’t talk about is that the men in these scenarios get exactly what they want too. Ana Nicole Smith’s old ass billionaire wanted a pretty young thang on his arm. If he could still get it up he wanted the shot at tapping her young sweet ass and you know what, he had every right too. If that’s how he wanted to spend his billions..so be it. But he was far from a victim. And most men aren’t. Remember that gold diggers have to sleep with these men…think Hugh Hefner and his girlfriends…*shudders*

So in the end, everyone get’s what they want. No harm no foul. If, however, that’s not what a man wants, he doesn’t have to go that route. Perhaps if many men stop concerning themselves with “dimes” then maybe they would stop bitching about gold diggers as well. Find more substantive ways to choose women, you will get better results.