On the Scene: Rihanna at the 40/40 Club Marc Hundley x Opening Ceremony

RIhanna took a break from being naked and rocked a rather low key ensemble at he Marc Hundley x Opening Ceremony that took place at her boss’ Jay-Z 40/40 club.

Her ensemble consisted of a $125.93 Mark Fast Reptile Mesh Bra Top

A sold out graphic tee that quotes the Smiths’ song “Hand in Glove: If the people stare then the people stare” which, incidentally, reminds me of Mercutio’s line from Romeo & Juliet “Men’s eyes are made to look, let themm gaze.”

She then completed the outfit with a pair of $250 Forfex x OC No Kill Iron Toe Cap Flight Sneakers that are a collaboration with talian designer Gio Forbice and feature steel toes, velcro patches, zipper closures down the heels, and 1″ rubber platforms.

I don’t know that I’m necessarily feeling the look, BUT it is nice to see Rihanna with some clothes on for a change not exposing any major body parts…so that’s definitely a plus.

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