Bag Lust: Salvatore Ferragamo Viola Black Croc Fold-Over Tote

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Bag: Viola Black Croc Fold-Over Tote by Salvatore Ferragamo
Price: Croc $27, 000 | Leather $2, 450
Store: Modus Operandi

Not your everyday tote, this Salvatore Ferragamo Viola Black Croc Fold-Over Tote is a bag to die for. With an off kilter square shape, rounded handled and intricate hardware closure this Ferragamo puts the statement  in statement bag. All this fabulous-ness comes with a cost.

This beauty can be pre-ordered for $27, 000 from Modus Opernadi. Don’t panic however, there is an equally nice, but considerably less expensive leather version for only $2, 450.  Unfortunately, you’ll have to make your entrance with this tote. They won’t be available until Oct/Nov 2014.


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