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Blogging With Style is our weekly showcase of personal style and beauty bloggers. There are a lot of great voices and blogs out there written by fashionistas and beauty experts from around the globe.This is our way of showing them some love and introducing our readers to some great new beauty and fashion bloggers. This week we feature Allison Hamilton-Rohe of

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How did you get started blogging?

I wrote a personal style book and realized it would be much better as a blog — after all, fashion is cyclical, so any example I published would eventually be out-of-date!

What can readers expect from your blog?

I want to help readers discover their own personal style.  It’s not just a matter of what colors look great on you — although that is key information to have — it is about expressing your inner beauty so the world can access it and know who you truly are.

Define your sense of style.

Right now, I am rocking three looks — one is modern, fun and yet compassionate for DailyOutfit and the other is rock-inflected, comfortable and elegant casual for my Mommy life, my Date Night look mixes up the two for a cool, fun and sexy wife look.

What is the one item of clothing every woman should have in her closet?

Honestly, I don’t actually believe in “must-have” items.  I believe every woman is different and has different needs and her closet should reflect what works for her particular body, being and lifestyle.

Give us your top 3 fashion tips?

  1. Make it You.  Your look is your key to every personal exchange.  Harness its power!
  2. Make it Inspired.  Every item in your wardrobe can be a piece that you love.  If not, replaced it as soon as possible with something that inspires you.
  3. Make it Easy.  Your personal style is your signature.  Once you set it, you can forget it!  Live the life you were meant to lead.

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