On the Scene: Kim Kardashian Out and About in J Brand 403 Denim Jacket in Coated Bowie

Kim Kardashian was seen headed out to breakfast with her mom in a pair of workout pants and a J Brand 403 Denim Jacket in Coated Bowie.

kim-kardashian-jbrand-in denim-coated-bowie

Obviously she looks like she’s either headed to the gym after breakfast on coming from the gym, but these days Kim seems to look her best when she’s not trying too hard. Simple, seems to be the way to go for her and this pregnancy. Now about that jacket:

J Brand 403 Denim Jacket in Coated Bowie
J Brand 403 Denim Jacket in Coated Bowie

This super cute jacket is a great “go with everything” piece, whether you’re rocking a dress, some shorts or skinnies this can add a little punch to an otherwise casual look. It features a fold over collar, five button front, and front pockets with flaps. The J brand 403 Denim Jacket in Coated Bowie will run you $260.00 and you can buy it at Amazon.com.

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