Shop Her Style: Nicki Minaj in Rebecca Minkoff Pastel Clara Dress at Kmart Collection Event

Nicki Minaj in Rebecca Minkoff Pastel Clara Dress

Who: Emily B.
Wearing: Sheer Lace Jumpsuit by Alexis Ambra.
Where: Birthday Celebration at Bryant Park Grill
Shop: $368 at

Nicki Minaj has definitely come a long way since her early days and overall has shown she can look really cute, fly and normal when she puts her mind to it. She definitely took the normal route when she wore this Rebecca Minkoff Pastel Clara Dress to the Kmart Collection Event recently.

She paired the look with a pair of leopard print Christian Louboutin shoes and her signature blond hair. I can’t lie, since Nicki’s wig maker was fired, quit her overall look has been less cartoon and more stylish. I think overall this look on her works. There shoes are a question mark however. I love a great pair of Christian Louboutin’s with the best of them, but they may not have been the best choice for this dress.


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