Curvy Girl Fab Maternity Edition: Kim Kardashian Finally Gets It Right in White Gown at Elton Johns’ Oscar Party

Well it’s about damn time. Kim Kardashian finally seems to have embraced the bump and dressed it appropriately in this gorgeous white number she wore to Elton John’s Oscar viewing party.

21st Annual Elton John AIDS Foundation's Oscar Viewing Party - Arrivals

I can’t hate. She looks gorgeous. And it’s a VAST improvement from her more recent maternity style disasters choices which you can see here, here and oh yeah here (shudders). I don’t know what’s been going in Ms. Kardashian’s head, or better yet her stylist’s head (does she even have a stylist anymore), but whoever chose this look got it just right. THAT’S how you look glam while pregnant. Now let’s hope she keeps it up.

On a Side Note:
Is it just me or is she carrying that baby in her breasts? Good lord those things are huge and she’s only four months along. Man it’s gonna be a LONG pregnancy if that is how she looks this early in the game.

Not sure that's the best color for Khloe, but it looks nice on her
Not sure that’s the best color for Khloe, but it looks nice on her
Can someone tell Heidi Klum she's not 20 anymore. That is all.
Can someone tell Heidi Klum she’s not 20 anymore. That is all.

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