Shoe Lust: Ruthie Davis Bond Glitter Pumps

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Shoe: Ruthie Davis Bond Glitter Pumps
Price: $1,855

 Any shoes named Bond must be fabulous right? These Ruthie Davis Bond Glitter pumps are incredibly sexy and dangerous as they double as a lethal weapon. These shoes are the centerpiece of any outfit so keep the fit sleek and simple when paring them with these beauties.

These Ruthie Davis pumps are awesome. I love the silver and black colored glitter and the small peep toe. They’re quite versatile, the spikes keep them from being too formal but they are great for an evening out on the town. Pair with skinny denim or leather and a tailored blazer or a fitted bandage dress to play up the Bond look.

Silver colored leather with glitter finish and spike studs along the platform and upper heel, these designer shoes are definitely killer heels. They have leather lining, sole and in-sole. The heel measures 5.25 inches with a 1 inch platform. They run $1,998 and are available here.

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