On the Scene: Chrissy Teigen Shops at Barneys in Colorful Reed Krakoff Solar Sandals

It’s summertime and color is definitely in. Chrissy Teigen bought the color to her feet with a very sexy pair of Reed Krakoff Solar Sandals.


I love the simplicity of this shoes. They actually remind of a pair of wedges I owned that I loved some years ago, similar design with the cutout geometric shape shape and bright coloring. These Reed Krakoff Solar sandals have an adjustable strap with buckle closure, are four inches high, leather and made in Italy. They are $314.90 and you can buy them at Nordstrom.com.

Here are some other Reed Krakoff sandals:

Patent Leather and Leather Colorblock Wedge Sandals


Reed Krakoff Boxer Heel in Solar


Boxer Leather Slingback Sandals

Oh and if you’re wondering ’bout that purse she’s carrying it’s a Celine Colorblock Luggage Tote, and the most exclusive of the line. Here is a similar one to the one Teigen is carrying:

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