The Build Your Booty Workout


You know us black women love our butts. For those who may not have been as blessed as some others in this area, there are some thing you can do about it. Like any other body part, you can’t spot reduce to get the firmer, rounder butt you want, but with the right combination of diet, cardio and the right lower body exercises and you will have the firm, round butt you want in no time at all.

Running Running is an easily accessible exercise that aids in weight loss, reduces stress and builds muscle in the legs, thighs and especially the butt. To increase the butt building potential of running, add hills to an outdoor run or if you’re running on a treadmill add an incline. Also, doing a sprinting-running combo will also increase the intensity of your workout giving you a rounder, firmer butt.

Squats If you were to only do one exercise to get a firmer, rounder butt – squats would be that exercise. Squats are a total lower body workout that builds the thighs, hips and butt. Begin squats by standing shoulder width a part, placing dumbbells at shoulder height. Bend your knees, making sure they are behind your toes; lower yourself into a sitting position, pushing your butt slightly out behind you. Tighten your abs and keep your upper body straight. Return to the starting position. Complete 10-12 reps for 2-4 sets.

Lunges Lunges will give you a round, firm butt while also slimming and toning the legs and thighs. Begin lunges by placing your hands on your hips and stand with your legs together. Next, step forward with your left leg and as you land lower your body toward the ground making sure to keep your front knee behind your toes and your back knee close to, but not touching the floor. Finally rise up and, supporting your weight on your front leg, lunge forward with your back leg repeating the previous move. Complete 10-15 reps on each leg for 2-4 sets.

Step Ups Step ups are one of the easiest butt building exercises. Step ups will give you a nice round butt as well as working your hips, thighs and legs. Begin by standing in front of the step and placing your left foot on the step heel first. Next step up with your right foot. Finally step back down with your left foot first, then right. Repeat. Complete 15-20 reps on each leg for 2-4 sets.


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