Shoe Porn: Miu Miu Sandali Polka Dot Cotton Sandals

It’s cold outside. And it’s no where near warm even in (almost) always warm Florida. But the Floridian in me knows warm weather is right around the corner so showcasing these Miu Miu Sandali Polka Dot Cotton sandals is not in the least bit strange as we continue to freeze our buns in this record setting winter weather.

These bad boys are beyond cute. With the 5.5 inch heels these girly girl sandals will sex up all your summer skirts and dresses. Boy I can’t wait. There are definitely pluses to living in the sunshine state, cause as the rest of the country continues to freeze I know warm, sunny weather is right around the corner…and so are cute summer shoes.

I love the silhouette and I love the platform, which is about 1 and ¾ inches, high. It is self covered, as is the heel.  You can get these pretty polka-dot sandals here and they will cost you $495.

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