Thick Thighs = Healthy Heart

Turns out my thick 23.5in thighs are just perfect. According to a new study they are the perfect size to keep me heart healthy. And here I was thinking I needed to lose some inches:

The lure of “thinner thighs” has been used to market countless books, DVDs, and diets over the years. If new research published today is confirmed by other studies, though, perhaps there should be an addendum: ” . . . but not too thin.” Writing in the medical journal BMJ, Danish researchers who followed 2,800-plus people for longer than a decade reported that—believe it or not—a smaller thigh circumference is associated with a bigger risk of heart disease and premature death. This effect was independent of body fat percentage and BMI.

Oh and there’s more:

People with thighs measuring less than 60 centimeters (a little more than 23½ inches) around were at higher risk of heart problems
and early death than those with larger thighs, but no extra benefit accrued to either men or women whose thighs were more than 60 centimeters around.

23.5 inches?

That’s where I’m at right now.


I’m not quite the fat cow I think I am. lol.

Seriously though there have been other studies that show having wide hips and big butts are a sign of health. Others that show that a small waist is key to heart health. So from what I can gather if you’re an hourglass or spoon shaped woman you’re in good shape even if you’re not a size 6. That being a skinny *ahem* chick is just plain bad for your health.

Or am I just projecting?


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