Bad Habits That Pile On the Fat

Business Day has a good article about all of the bad habits people have that are keeping them fat:

The experts have identified seven common diet mistakes most people make and how to fix them.

1. Underestimating how much you’ve eaten

Studies show overweight people tend to underestimate significantly how much they eat, and the bigger their portions, the more their calorie calculations go off track. One recent investigation by Dr Brian Wansink, author of Mindless Eating: Why We Eat More Than We Think (Bantam Dell), found that people who supersize fast-food meals actually underestimate the calorie content of their burger and fries by as much as half.

2. Discounting the effects of peer pressure

Findings from the Framingham Heart Study reveal that when one person in a family or network of friends gains weight, others tend to gain weight too, perhaps because it becomes more socially acceptable to be chubby.

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3. Distracting yourself from eating

Wansink’s studies show that environmental distractions, such as watching television, talking on the phone, reading while eating and eating with others, can be a big disconnect. In one study, he learned that even stale popcorn can lead people to overeat at the movies, not because they’re hungry, but simply because the bucket is there. This occurs as much due to the fact that you’re not paying attention to what you eat, as to a habit you’ve developed of multitasking while munching, he says.

4. Eating too many different foods

The more choices, the more you tend to eat — just think of all the temptations at a food buffet and the overwhelming desire you have to sample it all.

5. Not weighing yourself enough

“We have exhaustive evidence that people who weigh themselves daily lose more weight than those who don’t,” says Dr George Blackburn, associate professor of surgery and nutrition at Harvard Medical School in Boston, Massachusetts, and author of Break Through Your Set Point: How to Finally Lose the Weight You Want and Keep It Off (Collins). People who watch their weight are more likely to closely monitor their eating and exercise behaviours and regain control of their diets quickly if they gain weight.

Keep readng the rest of the article. There’s some great information and tips there.

Weighting yourself daily is something I do and something I’ve recommended before on this blog as a way to maintain your weight. People have a tendency to ignore the tightness of their jeans, but if you see the weight go up on the scale a couple of pounds you’re more likely to adjust your diet or workout to lose the weight as opposed to waking up 20 pounds heavier trying to figure out how you got there and how you’re going to drop the pounds…again.

Now I know I’ve been guilty of all of the above habits. However, as far as peer pressure I am usually the biggest in my group of friends, so you’d think that being around the skinny crew would make me slimmer – yeah not so much – lol. Although I will say that I’m from a big city (by big I mean the average person is chunky) and that makes me the “skinny” girl here, so it’s easier to be heavier and not stress about it as much.

So, which of these bad habits is keeping you fat?

How do you work your way around them?

If these aren’t your bad habits what are the habits you have that’s preventing you from losing wight?

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5 thoughts on “Bad Habits That Pile On the Fat”

  1. Although I don’t do it all the time, lately I’ve been keeping a spreadsheet of everything I eat, and the calories included. There is another row devoted to exercise and calories burned.

    I’ve discovered that (no matter how much I exercise) if I exceed my allotted calories by even a small margin, I will gain weight the next day! I gain weight much too easily. It’s always a struggle.

  2. You are on the right track Betty!!

    Here is something that I learned from Weight Watchers: Sometimes if you do not eat enough calories, especially if you are exercising, your body will do a “reverse” – hold on to the weight.

    Try adding more water, maybe 3 servings more that you are drinking now. That extra weight that you are experiencing could be retention. Especially if you are exercising along with eating less, your body might be holding on to fluids to make up for the calories.

    Keep up the good work! You can do it!

  3. Peter Glickman’s book is definately a must read if you plan on doing the Master Cleanse. It pretty much answers all the questions you may have. I am starting my MC on July 23th and am completely prepared. I have read every book that I could find on the subject and Peter Glickman’s is very informative,

    Thanks Peter!

  4. These are the greatest cookbooks I’ve ever owned. The recipes helped me lose weight, then maintain my weight, as well. I can eat anything I want, then I can go to level 1 anytime I want. My blood pressure went down to an average of 110/65. I also work out (Taebo

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