4 Things You Need to Know About Exercise Balls

1. Don’t Burst Your Bubble

When choosing an exercise ball it is important to get one that is burst resistant. If you’re doing certain exercises that don’t require you to put your weight on the ball then any exercise ball will work. However, if you’re using the ball as a weight bench, doing most ab workouts or you’re overweight or obese, a burst resistance ball is necessary or you could incur serious injuries.

2. Work Harder on a Ball

Exercise balls work by making the body unstable. Lying on an exercise ball automatically causes your abs and your legs to contract. Add an exercise to that, crunches or chest press, and instantly the movement is more intense. The extra intensity forces your body to work harder and makes your workout more effective. Many ball exercises also work more than one muscle group at a time, making your workout more efficient as well.

3. Get Fitted by Height

Exercise balls aren’t one size fit all. They actually are sized according to your height. It’s important to have the right size ball for your workouts. Using the wrong ball prevents you from getting the most benefits of using an exercise ball in your workouts and can result in an injury. You can properly size an exercise ball by using some specific guidelines. For shorter individuals, a 55 cm ball is good for those between 4’11” and 5’4″ tall. Medium height people should choose a 65 cm ball, which covers people 5’5″ to 5’11”. Then, taller exercisers, 6’0 to 6’7″ inches tall, should choose a 75 cm ball.

4. Makes a Great Chair

Instead of spending money on an ergonomically correct chair, use an exercise ball as your office or desk chair. Exercise balls make great chairs because they help you correct your posture by forcing you to properly align your spine as well as helping to improve your balance. Using your exercise ball as a chair also helps with your circulation throughout the day. Since the ball isn’t static, it requires regular adjustments to keep your balance. Best of all using an exercise ball as a chair acts a low intensity ab workout. Your abdominal muscles have to contract to keep your spine aligned and your body centered and balanced. It will get you closer to having six pack abs and will help you shed a few pounds to boot.

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