Getting Healthy is Not Something Only White Women Do

Getting Healthy

Getting Healthy Is A Black Thing

Too often in the black community we ascribe certain aspects of our life we need to improve to “something only white people do,” as if we’re somehow beyond or better than that thing. Unfortunately, when it comes to our health, too often it seems we only believe white women do certain things, particularly when it involves any physical activity, dieting or just simply pampering ourselves.

The gym, running, yoga…only white women do that.
Dieting, pilates, spinning….only white women do that.
Massages, Spa dates, facials…only white women do that.

You get the picture.

When did being healthy and taking care of ourselves become something only white women did? We have a right and responsibility to fully take care of ourselves–body and mind. While we regularly praise what the lord has done and will do for us, we would show him real respect and gratitude for the life he has given us if we full took care of ourselves, mind, body and our soul.

Caring for yourself isn’t relegated to race. We all have a right to be healthy and happy and we need to fully embrace that right

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6 thoughts on “Getting Healthy is Not Something Only White Women Do”

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  2. A big AMEN to this post! Somewhere along the line, we have forgotten that we are women first, Black second!

    And we have all but lost the art of taking care of ourselves, save getting our hair and nails done!!

    And the really bad part about all of this is that those of us who are taking the time to pamper ourselves, count calories, exercise, etc. are accused of “acting white” or “siditty” (Hey Girl!)Honey, If that is the case, then call me Becky from now on!!

  3. We have always shouldered the needs of our families and friends, but we must take that time to put ourselves on our own priority lists. This post was such an inspiration!

  4. Amen,sister!

    As black women we are usually so busy taking care of others that we forget to take care of ourselves. This is why we are dyihg of heart disease, hypertension and diabetes in disproportionate numbers.

    Healthy bodies equal healthy minds and spirits. I am trying to reach out to other African-African women regarding health and weight issues via my blog

    Please take a look when you have the opportunity. I welcome your comments and feedback!

    Be well,

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