Are You In Need Of Exercise Motivation?

Exercise Motivation

Here’s Your Exercise Motivation

It’s been a struggle lately to find the motivation to move my body. Cookouts, happy hour cocktails, and general hot fun in the summertime have easily diverted my attention away from the elliptical.

Apparently, I’m not alone.

So when an e-mail showed up in my inbox titled, “11 Great Ways To Get Movitvated,” it seemed like divine intervention.

11 Great Ways To Get Motivated

You know you’ve got to get moving. You resolve to park the car a few blocks from work, take the stairs and hit the gym after work. But a few weeks pass and before you know it parking spots start opening up right in front of the building, the elevator is already in the lobby, and you’ve worked late every night that week. It’s not that you don’t know how to get fit, you just can’t seem to stay motivated. We all know people who are religious with their workouts. So, what’s their secret?

We asked fitness experts and regular Joes alike how they stick with their routine. These methods keep them moving; maybe one will work for you.

1. Embarrass Yourself
Make a mark on your calendar every time you make it to the gym or park. Seeing your motivation, (or lack thereof) in black and white helps keep you going. Suzanne Schlosberg and Liz Neporent, authors of Fitness for Dummies, Second Edition (IDG Books Worldwide, Inc., 2000) suggest “whether you write your goals on the side of your shoe or in your training diary, glancing at them on a daily basis will help keep you focused and motivated. Some people tape their goals to their bathroom mirror or refrigerators.” Do whatever works to make you remember what you promised yourself.

2. Join a Plan That Wouldn’t Have You for a Member
So you’re not Steffi Graf. That doesn’t mean you can’t join a tennis team. Richard Cotton, chief exercise physiologist for, says “joining a club, team, or finding an exercise partner…provides a support system and someone to simply share the experience with. Often times just knowing someone will be asking you ‘How’s it going?’ can be the difference between exercise success and failure.”

3. Love Thy Neighbor and Love Thyself
You can’t leave a neighbor standing on the corner checking her watch. She knows where you live. Miriam Nelson, Director of the Center for Physical Fitness at Tufts University, and the author of Strong Women Stay Young and Strong Women Stay Slim (Bantam Doubleday Dell, 1999) says, “When I make a date with a neighbor to go for a run I keep it, and we have a great time.” She also plans a regular appointment with her neighbors. “Saturday mornings several of my neighbors come over and we lift weights together; it’s a great way to start the weekend,” she says.

Read the other 8 here.

Let me know in the comments how you stay motivated when the going gets rough.

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3 thoughts on “Are You In Need Of Exercise Motivation?”

  1. Thanks for sharing this! I have been trying to talk myself into actual exercise for a while and I think the best motivator from the list/post is the body system. It helps to have someone to sweat it out with and talk to while doing it!We (my sister and I) are now looking for a gym in our area!

  2. I applaud everyone who has found a good exercise partner. My experiences in the past always left me frustrated because of my partners’ low level of commitment.I eventually had to “walk the fitness road alone” and I got in shape doing my own thing. I set a goal for myself, and I ran the Peachtree Road Race. It was quite an accomplishment for me since I’m not a runner.Now, I’m lucky to be married to a guy who loves to stay active, so it’s much easier to stay motivated.

  3. Love the blog. I found you on blogher and entrecard. I will be checking in with you regularly! Love Dwele.

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