If You Want to Find Love, Get A Life

Get A Life

It’s Time To Get A Life

Get a Life. It never ceases to amaze me how many women sit and complain that they can never meet a man but when you question them further you realize that all they do every day is go home, go to work and go to church.

Newsflash: You’re a grown ass woman. You need to do more then go to work, go home and go to church.

And how the hell do you expect to meet somebody if you’re not out there…well…meeting people. And when I say get a life I don’t mean go to your local nightclub or watering hole, I mean take up some activities. Try dancing, intramural sports or volunteer to sit on a committee that’s planning on putting on a big event (church committees don’t count)...something.

Not only will you enrich your life by getting involved in your community or picking up a new hobby but you will increase your chances of not only meeting someone but meeting someone who shares similar interests as you. How great would that be.

So once again I say….Get a Life. Not only might you find something you can be passionate about you may find someone you can be passionate about. And in the end that’s what it’s all about…wouldn’t you say.

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