Is Your Natural Hairstyle Causing You To Go Bald?

Natural Hairstyle Balding

Is Your Natural Hairstyle Causing Hair Loss?

This isn’t exactly a weight post but it does deal with hair and we all know that hair is one of the main reasons black women site for not working out. Seems like some natural hairstyles are not all they are cracked up to be:

Why children who braid it like Beckham risk losing hair

Girls who plait their hair too tightly or scrape it back in braids or a ponytail may be at risk of permanent hair loss, researchers suggest.

Hairstyles such as corn rows or braids and those that require chemical straighteners, weaves or hair extensions can damage hair and cause bald patches over time, the British Journal of Dermatology reports today.

Related diseases of the scalp, skin and hair are thought to affect people of African descent particularly. However, dermatologists have underlined the dangers of excessive treatment or scraping back for any hair type.

The tight bun styles favoured by ballet dancers, the corn rows once sported by David Beckham or the dramatic “Croydon facelift” look parodied by Vicky Pollard, the Little Britain character, could all potentially cause problems, they said….keep reading.

So just some things to keep in mind for those of you who swear you can’t sweat out that hair. Maybe you should try other types of natural hairstyles. If you’re wearing weaves, braids or other pulled hairstyles make sure they are not oo tight. Also, give your hair a chance to just be without any excessive styling involved. Ultimately, you should aim to have healthy hair and a healthy body.

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