Simple Salmon Cutlets Recipe

Salmon Cutlets Recipe

Eat Salmon Cutlets For Dinner Tonight

If you’re busy, don’t have a lot of time on your hands for cooking and want a quick and healthy meal, this simple Salmon Cutlets Recipe is for you. With minimum preparation and only five to ten minutes of your time, you can have your main dish ready to go. Steam some vegetables and in under 30 minutes you have a full meal. It doesn’t get much easier than this.

[recipe title=”Simple Salmon Cutlets” servings=”6″ time=”5 to 10 min” difficulty=”Easy” image=”” description=”Perfect for the single guy or girl to quickly cook a tasty, healthy meal”]

– 6 1 inch thick salmon cutlets
– Pepper
– Salt
– Butter
– Foil
– Anchovy or caper sauce

1. Butter and place cutlets on their own sheet of foil and twist the ends
2. Season them with pepper and salt;
3. Broil gently and serve with anchovy or caper sauce.


– When higher seasoning is required, add a few chopped herbs and a little spice.