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Advertising on Curvylicious places your product, brand or service in front of an audience that is primed to buy. The keywords associated with the magazine are buying keywords, so readers who find themselves on the site through organic search are looking to make a purchase. Our typical reader is Female, between the ages of 25-34, is college educated and makes between 50k-100k a year with a significant percentage making more than 100k a year. More detailed demographic information is located at the bottom of the page.

How to advertise on Curvylicious

Weekly Blog Sponsorship

A weekly blog sponsorship allows you to take over the magazine one week at a time. Your company, product or service will be featured prominently on the site and will be the first ads our readers will see. Weekly sponsorships run Monday – Friday and include the following:

  • 1 100 to 150 word post introducing the your product, brand or service (Monday)
  • 1 300 x 250 ad above the fold on the homepage on the sidebar
  • 1 728 x 90 banner above the fold on the homepage
  • 1 100 to 150 word post thanking you for your sponsorship (Friday)

Cost: $300 per week

Sponsored Posts

You have a product, a website or pretty much anything you would like to promote.  We create an editorial post for you  based on parameters you provide. Sponsored posts will remain permanently on the site. Includes three pictures (not including brand logo) that you will provide.

Cost: $150

Blog Series

Blog series are great for creating an extended ad campaign over a period of time. They include 2 or more posts based on a particular theme or product you are trying to promote. Similar to sponsored posts we will create editorial posts based on the parameter you provide and will remain on the site permanently.

Cost: Starting at $300


Advetorials are similar to Sponsored Posts except you provide the copy for us to post.

Cost: $150

Product Reviews

You have a great product or service you want us to review and we’d love to review it. We will write a through honest, review of your product or service. If we really love it, it could find it’s way into one of our shopping guides. To submit a product for review email us at: and let us know about your product and why it would be a good fit for our readers.

Coming Soon
  • Twitter & Facebook campaigns
  • Sponsored Pinterest boards
  • Shopping guide submissions
  • Directory Submissions

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