Nov 152014
Celebrity Penis Pics: The Big, The Small and the Oh My Goodness!

Over the past few years it seems like the men didn’t want to be outdone by the ladies with the naked camera phone pics. Athletes, entertainers, actor they’ve all put their penis on display….well sending them to women who put them on display…anyway you swing it they’ve been put out their for the world to

Nov 102014
18 Weight Loss Tips to Live and Lose By

There’s so much information out there on what it takes to lose weight, that it all becomes information overload after awhile. It can be very easy to toss your hands up and say “Forget it!,” not knowing which way to turn, which tips to use and which to discard. Well, we completely understand the frustration.

Nov 042014
Confessions of a Size Queen: Only a Big Penis Will Do

My name is Brown Sugar and I am a size queen. I like big penises. Really big ones. It’s funny though, because I’ve learned that big is relative. I had this conversation with my cousin and a friend of hers and when they said big they meant seven maybe eight inches. When I told them

Nov 032014
No Bald Coochies: Why I Will Never Wax

I’m a proud member of the No Bald Coochies social club. Our mission statement is simple: We, adult women of the No Bald Coochies social club, believe women should look like women and not pre-pubescent girls. We beleive adults should be appropriately hairy and unless we embark on careers as actresses, models or porn stars

Nov 022014
No, You Can't Cum on My Face...So Stop Asking

This question always makes me pause. And I’m pissed that I have to pause. I mean, I’m right in the middle of heated, passionate, wild, wet and sloppy sex and you ask me this dumb shit right here. Sigh. Every time I’ve heard this question, Ive paused and looked at dude like “what the fuck?”

Nov 012014
What's It With Men and Anal Sex?

What’s it with men and anal sex? No, really? Why is it men feel the need to stick their penis in every available orifice? Right now I’m jsut waiting for some guy to say to me, “Hey baby, let me stick it in your ear.” SMH. My current “friend” has been on this anal sex

Oct 232014
5 Unlikely Sex Toys

Think you know a vibrator when you see one? Think again. Theses days vibrators come in all shapes, sizes and disguises. The idea is to not have your vibrator look so obvious that you can hide it in plain sight, travel with it and still preserve a level of discretion. Whatever the reason, here are

Sep 152014
5  Cellulite Remedies that Actually Work

Yes, I know this is a health and fitness blog and black women’s health isn’t dependent on being cellulite free, but let’s face it, none of us wants wrinkled thighs. Unfortunately, because many black women tend to carry the bulk of our weight in the hips, thighs and buttocks we are definitely prone to thos

Aug 282012
Uh-Oh: Prince Harry's Hairy Prince May Have Been Caught on Video

Oh poor Prince Harry. The princely spare can’t see to catch a break. First his naughty good time in Vegas got exposed when some greedy Americans sold his naked pics to TMZ and now there are rumors that the pics aren’t the only thing that didn’t stay in Vegas. Forget about Hollywood blockbusters, Prince Harry

Aug 212012
Syphilis Scare Halts Porn Industry Filming in LA

The Porn industry has yet another STD scare that’s halting production. This time a potential syphillis outbreak has the LA porn industry running to put its clothes back on, costing the already struggling industry dearly:

Aug 162012
Pimp is Caught With His “Rules 2 Da Game of Hoez!!!” Checklist

Well, my mother likes to say it takes all kinds to make up this world: On Monday, Long Island police raided the home of an alleged pimp named Steve McDaniel and came across a handwritten list called “Rules 2 Da Game of Hoez!!!” Apparently it was written for McDaniel’s accomplice, Sandra Russell, in his prostitution-and-drug

Nov 042011
Lustful Links: Justin Bieber a Baby Daddy?

The Quickie The Quickie covers the juicy stories that happened during the week, but didn’t make the magazine. This week we have a shocker form Justin Bieber, some Kamber (Kanye and Amber Rose) and a drunken Rihanna. Man I bout spit all over my computer when I originally read the story that the then 16

Nov 012011
DSK Sexual Assault Case to be Turned Into XXX Porn Film

I’m not sure why I’m surprised by the need to turn the Dominique Strauss-Kahn sexual assault debacle into a porn film, when the same was done with Osama Bin Laden right after his asasination, but still. This is a bit much even for the porn industry: According to French outlet The Local, the internationally publicized